Nachlinger Catchfly

Endemic Global Species

Background Information

Nachlinger's catchfly (Silene nachlingerae)
This flowering plant is found in central Great Basin ranges like the Snake and Ruby. Like many Great Basin endemics, it is found primarily in isolated alpine areas on limestone substrates. It has been found in the park around the Lincoln Peak and Mount Washington areas. Listed as a sensitive species, species of concern, and a Nevada Special Status Species, it is threatened by alpine recreation and livestock grazing in alpine and subalpine habitats, particularly associated with the Murphy Wash sheep allotment. These plant grow from 24-28 inches, it has a lng slender reclining stem. They are also known as Royal catchfly. They are natives to USA

Threats and causes of endangerment

Causes of endangerment include: destruction of habitat, constant picking by people, overgrowth of woody species and fire suppression. Climate change doesn't affect the because they actually thrive more in sunny areas

Solution and courses of protection

We can try to reduce picking and man made activities, also reduce the use of chemicals on plants and they are protected by the government because it is now prohibited to pick these plants