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Week of April 16th - 20th
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What Will We Be Learning This Week?


We are continuing our Literacy curriculum this week. We will begin Wonders Unit 5 Week 5. Below are the areas and concepts we will be focusing on:

Comprehension Skill - Character, Setting, Plot

Comprehension Strategy - Problem and Solution

Grammar - Joining Words

Writing Traits - Sentence Fluency: Complete Sentences

Phonics Skill - dipthongs: oi, oy

Spelling Words - toy, joy, boy, coin, join, spoil

High Frequency Words - above, build, fall, knew, money, toward (note that we now have 6 high frequency words - I will test on 5 and the 6th will be another challenge word).

Challenge Words - enjoy, voice (+2 extra credit)


Everyday Math Unit 7

We will continue in Unit 7 of Everyday Math. We will be focusing on fact families, subtraction fact strategies, and shapes.

Concepts we will be learning this week:

- defining and nondefining attributes of shapes

- In and Out Boxes "What's My Rule?"

**We will take our Unit 7 Exam on Thursday, April 19th after reviewing concepts from this unit on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Homelinks - Monday (7.11), Tuesday (look over the review), Wednesday (look over the review), Thursday (no homework - test in class)

Everyday Math Games

- Listed below are the games we have learned and the ones we will learn this upcoming week:

  • Bunny Hop
  • Monster Squeeze
  • Top - It
  • Penny Dice
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Rolling for 50
  • Penny Plate
  • Domino Top-It
  • Subtraction Bingo
  • Addition Top-It
  • The Digit Game
  • Fishing for 10


- We do calendar every single day. Incorporated into our daily calendar routine are multiple math concepts including:

  • Place Value
  • Money
  • Number of the Day
  • Adding
  • Subtracting
  • Counting


We will begin our Life Science unit this week. We will spend time in class researching animal habitats before going on our field trip to the OKC Zoo on May 2nd. We will use books and online resources to conduct our research.

Social Studies

We will continue with our Second Step lessons. These lessons focus on the social emotional development of each learner. There are Second Step homelinks on our grade level website under the parent page.

We will also use this time to continue to build classroom community. Building that community is imperative for learning to take place.


Monday - Music with Shepard

Tuesday - P.E. with Stuemky (wear tennis shoes)

Wednesday - Combined in the gym due to testing

Thursday - Combined in the gym due to testing

Friday - Music with Buckley

Upcoming Events

Monday, April 16th - End of the Year DRA Window Opens (this may be moved back)

Friday, April 20th - No GMM (due to testing), but Good Afternoon Monroe at 2:00

Tuesday, April 24th - Monroe Arts Festival!!

Friday, April 27th - School - Wide Pajama Day

Friday, April 27th - Principal's Reading Challenge Celebration

Tuesday, May 1st - EOY Math Benchmark Window Opens

Wednesday, May 2nd - First Grade Field Trip to the OKC Zoo

Thursday, May 3rd - Author Visit (David Titus)

Thursday, May 3rd - Spring Individual Pictures

Friday, May 4th - Volunteer Appreciation at GMM

Friday, May 4th - Super Kids Day

Friday, May 11th - Hat Day

As events get closer, I will give you more information. If you have any questions, please email me.

Principal's Reading Challenge

Monroe is participating in the Principal's Reading Challenge. Each class will collect the total number of books they read to come to a grand total of 3,000 books for the entire school. If we reach this goal, we will celebrate by moving Dr. Connery's office to the roof of the school building and having a celebration.

Reading logs will be coming home today. Please fill these out for all the books you read at home. Once your log is full, send it back to class and I will send home another!


One thing we are sure of at Monroe, is that we cannot reach our goals and meet the needs of all students if they are not here with us at school. Because of that, we have a continuous focus on improving our attendance. We are striving for an Average Daily Attendance of greater than 95%. Currently, as a school, we are hovering at 93%. Please help us to reach our goal by making sure your student(s) are at school on time, every day. We know that absences can sneak up on you. I encourage you and your family to continue to make a goal to miss fewer than five absences this year! We can do it! ☺