East Edition

February 1, 2016

Gratitudes, Congratulations and Celebrations

Congratulations to the 4th and 5th graders and their teachers, Erika and Cristina, who participated in Science Discovery Days at CNCC on Friday. Lots of great discoveries and earning was conducted regarding various science concepts. This was a great experience for 10 of our students to learn advanced science from the University of Colorado.

Gratitudes to our bus drivers. We have 65% of our students riding the bus daily after school. Somehow they get our students to their destinations safely while still trying to manage student behavior. When/if you see them, please let them know how much you appreciate their hard work.

Deep appreciation goes out to our special education paraprofessionals. At times they may have the toughest job in our school. They follow the service plans and service delivery of various itinerant specialized staff, manage behavior, help develop life skills, and most importantly give access to general education and their peer social network. They do this all while trying to modify or accommodate general education that is occurring in the classroom. Thank you for your patience and willingness to serve our students and our school.

Staff Meeting - Today - February 1st

Today's staff meeting will be held in the 4th grade room. Please bring a digital device
(phone, laptop or iPad). We will review goals and priorities at the beginning of the meeting by trying a new digital tool Tiffany sent out info about called: GoFormative. I will attempt to try a new tool at each staff meeting so that you can have exposure to something that might be useful in the classroom.

If you do not have a device, please seat yourself at the computers in the room, so that you can participate. Once you get to the staff meeting go to www.goformative.com. Enter the site as a student via your google email address (red button) and enter the class code: QJUK794.

Once you are in, you will see "Mrs. Sarah Hepworth's East Staff Meeting 1". Click on the assignment called "4 Goals & 5 Non-Negotiables". There you will have an assignment ready to do. Please complete it when you get to the staff meeting. It is easy. You can work with a partner if needed until the last two reflection questions.

Upcoming Tech Camps for Teachers - February

  1. Creation App Challenge - Thursday, Feb 18th @ CMS 4:00 pm
  2. Assessment, Feedback and Reflection Challenge - Tuesday, March 22nd @ CMS 4:00 pm

RSVP at the link below. 30 minute of extra plan time will be given for each session you attend.


Co-Planning This Friday (Feb 5) - Math

I will send you an email on Monday or Tuesday with information about where Kristin and I think we are in unpacking units and/or data dialogue needs. Please respond with confirmation or correction of where your grade level team is at with Scope & Sequence & Unpacking. With only co-planning in math every other week or so, we need to be sure that unpacking is not getting behind and that Stage 3 lessons are not being developed without unit unpacking first. As always, if your grade level team needs to meet before Friday because your pacing (implementation) is such that it is getting ahead of the unpacking, let Kristin and I know so that we can arrange to meet for 30 - 40 minutes to help get you caught up if needed.

Building Collab Friday - Feb 5th

K-5 classroom teachers, LIt Coor, Instructional Coach and principal will meet in the 4th grade room to do side-by-side co-planning. Laptops will be available for each grade level team to use if needed. Lit Coor, IC and principal will be available to help teams co-plan any portion of any unit needed (math, reading, writing). Snacks will be provided.

Counselor, PE & Music teachers can join us in this room, work on their own, or join their other colleagues for collaborative work at any location. Just provide a brief email update to me of what was accomplished.

This is a great time to compare with other grade levels, get help from different grade level colleagues and have a few moments to get advice from Lit Coordinator and/or Instructional Coach when unpacking units, planning daily and weekly lessons, creating or analyzing pre and post assessments or just for looking at formative data when making the next instructional decisions.

Did You Know? Homework for Feb 1st Staff Meeting - Due Today (Monday)

Please add Jonathan Waters and Sheila Coy to the list as their names were left off. If you didn't get a sheet, pick one up in the office. Everyone is required to turn this in at the February 1st staff meeting. If you need a new sheet with to complete this task, get one from the office. This can be done with a partner or friend, but each staff member needs to turn one in this afternoon at staff meeting. Prizes for staff with highest accuracy.

ACCESS Testing Schedule This Week (More Speaking & Kindergarten)

Mon, Feb 1 - Speaking (with Kristin)

9:30 am Session 3: 2nd 4 students (Art Rm)

10:00am Session 2: 1st 4 students (Art Rm)

10:30 am Session 1: 1st 4 students (Art Rm)

11:00 am Session 8: 5th 1 student (Art Rm)

Wed, Feb 3 - Kindergarten (1:1 Testing with Andi Murphy)

Fri, Feb 5 - Kindergarten (1:1 Testing w/ Andi Murphy)


  • Turn in/share your lesson plans for this week for reading, writing and math.
  • Finish your "Do You know?" Homework for today's Staff meeting.
  • Come ready for Building Collab time - Laptops will be provided again.

This Week's Events & Happenings (Feb 1 - 5)

Monday - Jan 25ath

  • Kindergarten Connection Day (8:00 - 12:00)
  • Finishing up ACCESS Testing for Speaking
  • Kindergarten ACCESS Testing
  • Co-Planning Math w/ Kindergarten - 2:10 pm
  • Staff Meeting - 3:40 pm
  • IBS Negotiations - 4:00 pm

Tuesday - Jan 26th

  • CST Meeting - 2:30 pm
  • IEP Meetings - 3:30 pm

Wednesday - Jan 27th

Art E Day

  • Elementary Principal Collab - 8:00 am
  • UbD Team Meeting - 4:00 pm @ Admin

Thursday - Jan 28th

Art F Day

  • Counselor Collab - 9:00 am @ Sandrock

Friday - Jan 29th

  • Health Tech Collab - 9:00 am
  • Co-Planning for Math - 1st thru 5th
  • Building Collab 2:20 pm in Grade 4 Room for K-5 classroom teachers, Lit Coor & IC

What's Happening Next Week? (Feb 8 - 12)

  • Social Committee Meeting - Monday (3:40 pm)
  • DPPEC Meeting - Monday (4:00 pm)
  • PAC Meeting - Tuesday (5:20 pm)
  • District PARCC Training for Test Administrators & School Assessment Coordinators - Thursday (1:00 pm)
  • School CMAS/PARCC Meeting - Thursday (3:40 pm)
  • CoPlanning Literacy - Friday (during plan time)
  • SpEd DLM/CoAlt Training during building Collab - Friday (2:30 pm)
  • Art Days (Thursday & Friday)

What's Happening Next Month in March?

  • The Last After-School Digi Dog Tech Camp
  • The Last Offering for Teacher and Parent Tech Camps
  • PARCC Testing in ELA & Math
  • Social Event for all Staff
  • Classified Appreciation Days

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