Awsome Minecraft Server

We Have The Best Owners and The Best Plugins!


Rifle Craft is the name of our server. We work our best to make your experience in our server the best we possibly can! No Hamachi required! You can watch videos of us on our youtube channel!


The Plug-Ins

The plugins in this server are from bukkitcraft. Are you tired of people griefing your house! well we have a plugin called oreprotect that will restore your house the way it was before! And are you tired of people taking stuff from your chest or your furnaces! well with the lockette plugin you can lock your chests/furnaces simply by placing a sign on it! We also have factions! Factions is a plugin where you can create a group and simply gain your power by defeating enemys and getting more recruits. Other plugins are notnt, essentials, chestshops, iconomy, vault, and much much more! Join Today! IP:

The Leaders!

Owner: beamrifle45

CO-Owner: sniperkck5903

CO-Owner: Stingsoftball23

CO-Owner: Trom16

CO-Owner: lobster502

Moderator: BIGLazor

Admin: CrazyHawk74