Greece Times

Our amazing times by Matthius and Jocelyn

Sports Column

Tomorrow is the amazing Olympic games. We will sit on the hillside and watch the sunrise then the Oracle will guide us to Apollo's temple.Next we will head back to the hillside to watch the athletic games. We honor the Gods every game while the brave people play to win and hope not to get injured. here are the games that we play during the athletic games boxing,chariot racing,foot race,running,wrestling,jumping,discus throw and finally javelin throw.This is our 4th annual Olympics.The kids like to play knuckle bones and pretend to be professional Olympic players. The winner to our amazing Olympics will be crowned see you tomorrow in our next column! Tomorrow is our clothing column so check out our next column!

Advise column

Today i am telling you /advising you to go to the Agora and check out our amazing new clothes to look at maybe even buy them. we have some new stuff so check it out! don't forget to check out our dyes too. If you dye your own or make your own use our bleach. We make winter wear from wool and summer wear from linen .Don't forget to maybe buy some of our perfume too so come on down we've got what you need.

Wedding announcement

Young Hera is going to marry her brother Zeus on this day ( 2-29-500 BC )

Hera's brides maids will be Athena, Demeter, Hestia, her maid of honor is going to be Artemis because them two have been best friends since they were young, of course i would know everyday Hera would come over to our house and bother me in my room instead of playing with Artemis. Zeus's grooms men will are Posiden, I Hermes, Apollo,and his best man is going to be Ares. they will take their honeymoon to Egypt, they both always talk about going to Egypt. the strange thing about their marriage is that Hera is only fourteen years old and Zeus is extremely older than Hera. but that doesn't matter girls are allowed to get married at the age of 13 or 14. So I hope you all can come the wedding of Hera and Zeus.


On the second day of June there will be a concert for the Gods and Goddess ( don't show this to them!!) Most of you guys and gals play instruments is you do please come and practice there will be a sign up sheet in the church there will be a time and date on that sheet.