Digital Citizenship:

Being Mindful in a Consumptive Culture

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Prep Steps

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Digital Citizenship Strand

Digital citizenship. The student practices safe, responsible, legal, and ethical behavior while using digital tools and resources.

Explore Clarifying Doc

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In their shoes

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"empathy, not technology, is core of the problem and the solution"

See danah's article below for more....

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Who do you want to be?

Kid President

Sample Student Prompts

  • What type of students/people/kids/”drivers” do we want to be? What impact do you hope to make?

  • “It is easy to make fun of stuff, but it is cooler to make stuff.” Agree-disagree? Go to one side of the room or the other based on your opinion and be ready to share why. What “stuff” could we take part in creating?

  • How can we make the internet an “awesome place”? Think about a time when the internet was not an awesome place. What stands out to you about that experience and how can we make things better? Why should we even care?

Use any creation app or physical materials (sticky notes,markers, etc.) to collaborate as a class and make your thinking visible.

Online vs. Face to Face

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What's the difference: Myself vs. My Online Self

  • Navigate to this Padlet
  • Double click to contribute to the Padlet
  • Write about the differences between yourself in person and your online self. (Feel free to add supporting images or even drawings to support).
  • Consider the perspectives of your students- How might they respond?

Different Mediums Different Messages

Activity: Social Media Research

1. Collaborate with a group of 3-5 peers

2. Pick an app/website to explore further and respond to the following prompts

  • Who is on it today?
  • What do they use it for?
  • What are potential dangers?
  • What are potential benefits?
  • Why do you think students are or are not drawn to it?

3. Share out

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Tech Tools Infographic Interactive

Tech Tools Infographic for Print

Culture is Contagious...

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Tracy Clark M.S.

I want to see curious kids creating and inspired. Let me know how I can help as you nurture a culture of creativity! Please reach out and connect with me!