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MAY 2022 - New Palestine Music & Performing Arts

May... Spring is in full swing.. Cars will be zooming around IMS shortly.. School is winding down for the year..

To the class of 2022, thank you for all you have done for our community, our school, and especially the Performing Arts. The torch you are passing to the Juniors and underclassman is a bright one. We couldn't have done what we have done with out you. Good luck in all your future endeavors - be it college, trade school, or heading straight into the work force.

A quick word of wisdom:

In life - you will not be remembered as much for the things you accomplish or achieve as much as you will be remembered for how you made others feel. Always do right - Always be helpful - and you will surly live a rich and fulfilling life!

Cheers to the Class of 2022!

In this edition:

  • Spring Concessions
  • 2022-23 NPHS Booster Board
  • 5 Shifts Remain - IMS Gift Shop
  • May 25th Marching Meeting - What to Expect
  • Laundry & Dish Detergent Order Form
  • JOKE!

Stay Involved & Stay in the Arts!

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Important Upcoming Dates

New Palestine Junior High

May 13th - Kings Island Parent Signatures are DUE

May 16th - 2:30 -3:30: 8th Grade Band Practice

May 17th - 2:30 - 3:30: 7th Grade Band Practice

May 19th - 6:30: ALL Bands Performance @ NPHS Gym

May 25th - 6:30pm: Marching band meeting

May 27th: 8th grade performs at 8th grade graduation

June 2nd: NPJH Music Dept trip to Kings Island

Full NPJH Calendar Link

New Palestine High School

May 18th - 6:30: Awards night for band/guard/dance

May 19th - 6:30: Spring Concert & 2022 Marching Dragons show reveal!

May 24th - 7:00: Spring Dance Recital

May 25th - 6:30: Marching Band parent meeting

May 27th - 7:00: Commencement *required for current Intermediate and Advanced Band students*

May 28th - Commencement weather date *only needed if May 27 is canceled*

For exact times, see the Calendar on New Pal Bands Website, check with your student, or with Mr. Carney.

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Volunteers Needed

There are still about a dozen events that require volunteers before the end of the school year. Please, if you have yet to help, look over the dates on the link below and sign up for a shift. There are too many families involved in the program to have persistent shortages.

Again - if you have helped, thank you thank you.

If you have yet to help - please.. help.

These are not difficult tasks, but there are a LOT of dates that have required volunteers. There are a few individuals/families that have put in far more than their fair share. They cannot/should not be expected to take all these shifts.

The profits from these events go straight to the band program.

No help.. no profits..

Please.. help..

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2022-23 Band Booster Board

Thank you and Congratulations to our Band Booster Board for the 2022-23 school year!

President: Kathy Thrasher

Vice President: Lindsey Meyer

Treasurer: Jordan Hertig

Secretary: Amy Wood

Fundraising Coordinator: Dee Dellacca

Sponsorship Coordinator: David Hatcher

Student Account Coordinator: Brandie Doolittle

Community Liaison/Online Coordinator: Amber Cooper

Concessions Coordinator: open

We are needing a Concessions Coordinator for the upcoming school year. This individual will have lots of support. The intention of this role is not to be a gladiator volunteer, but to rather coordinate the operations of the concessions. With football/fall concessions on the horizon, this seat will play a vital role.

If you are interested, please reach out to Kathy and/or Lindsey.

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IMS Gift Shop - Only 5 Shifts Remain

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We are poised to have an amazing season at the IMS Gift Shop!

There are 5 shifts remaining for the month of May (don't worry.. there will be dates available for the NASCAR event in late July).

If you would be able to assist us in filling the 5 shifts for Carb-Day, please sign up via the link below.

THANK YOU to everyone that has stepped up to work a shift or two. We will have an AWESOME time for a GREAT cause at the most HISTORIC race track on earth. :D

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On May 25th - at 6:30, we will meet in the gym to begin our parent meeting for the upcoming Marching Band season. During the meeting we will split into small groups and visit a few "rooms" to learn about the different aspects of our program.

Some of the topics we'll cover...
  • What goes on behind the scenes of a Show Day
  • Fundraiser details and Sponsorship opportunities
  • Communication platforms and websites
  • Volunteer opportunities and its importance
  • Student Account introductions (new credit card options!)
  • .. other tid-bits that are helpful to know, but not widely discussed.

There will be time for short conversations and some quick question/answer periods to make sure everyone has the opportunity to understand what it takes to have a successful activity. After the room-meetings we will gather in the gym again for Mr. Carney to cover the rest of the important content for the evening - and to give away some FREE STUFF!!

We are hoping the meeting will last around an hour and a half.

We're really looking forward to seeing everyone & to get the 2022 Marching Dragons off to a great start!!

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It's been a long time coming, but we finally achieved the ability to accept Credit Cards for Student Account payments. (We even have Apple Pay capabilities!)

If you would like to see your current statement and arrange for a link to pay by credit card - please email the Student Accounts Coordinator HERE.

Graduating Seniors/families and anyone else that may have an outstanding balance on their student accounts:

Please make any remaining payments as soon as possible. We are gearing up for Marching season, which will means we will be spending a lot of money to create the show, purchase items that need replacing, and repairing items that need repaired. Those things cannot happen without having all of our dues paid.

If you are unable to meet your commitments to the program, please reach out to Mr. Carney to discuss other options.

Again, if you are unsure of your balance, please reach out to our Student Accounts Coordinator to check on your account status.

Thank you for doing all you can to keep our program strong!

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FUNDRAISER: Laundry, dishsoap, and trashbags

Thank you to everyone that continues to order from this fundraiser. Your continued support of our program is awesome. If you haven't tried it, go for it!

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.... How do you fix a broken Tuba??

... with a Tuba Glue!


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