The Alamo

Week 17: You must earn 45 points!

MUST READ: Travis Holds at the Alamo!

** Follow your inner conversation and jot it down as you read**

7 points do 2 for 14 points all three for 17points: (must follow your inner convo):

  • Battle of the Alamo
  • What does the Texas Pledge Mean to You?
  • Complete Crossword Puzzle

3 points:

  • Read: Did Davy Crockett Really Go Down Fighting?
  • Read: Why does Texas celebrate a holiday?
  • Read: Susanna Dickinson: Alamo Survivor
  • Complete the Flowchart (do this in your spiral)

1 Point (can only do each of these once):

  • List 10 Proper Nouns in your spiral
  • Watch a video answer the Easy, Medium and Hard questions that follow
  • Look at Photo & answer Easy, Medium and Hard questions that follow
  • If you did Inner Conversation on the 3 pointer articles

15 points - choose 1 (Required & do this last!):

  • Take the online test **you are allowed only 1 retake on this - use your paper!!**
  • Writing in your SS Spiral:
    • Pretend you are Susanna Dickinson. You survived the Alamo. Write a letter to your fellow Texans about the bravery of the men at the Alamo. Persuade the Texans to keep fighting for independence from Mexico.



You must put WEEK 17 on each page in your spiral!