Brazil prison gangs

Organized crimes

Organized crime-criminal activity carried out by an organized group

An example can be gangs running there prisons for example in foreign countries.

Pascoal Ramos penitentiary in Cuiabe, Brazil

  • The pascoal penitentiary is approximately 980 miles northwest of Rio De Janeiro
  • In forgein prisons rebellions are almost daily
  • In the pascoal prison two groups were vying to control the drug trade
  • This resulted in 13 dead and 13 wounded
  • No police were involved in the killing
  • 100 riot troops were sent in to control this riot
  • When they searched the prison after the riot they found two revolvers and 350 packs of cocaine and marijuana
  • The prison conditions are poor and overcrowding chronic
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Affect on family

  • Causes grieve
  • Pain
  • Emotional and mental pain
  • Hard times
  • Expenses (e.x. Hospital bills,funerals)