"Most White People Are Oblivious"

Scott Huntsman

The problem

Unarmed Michael Brown was killed by officer Wilson during a confrontation in which nobody is exactly sure what happened. This is not the first time an unarmed black teen has been killed by a white police office. Some claim that Mike Brown was discriminated because of his color and only shot by the police officer because he was black. Officer Wilson has gone to trial over this tragic killing and has been proven innocent. This has created an uproar around America.

The Specifics

Here are some of the reasons why the whole event of Michael Brown was considered to be racist...

- "phony pictures claimed to be of Mike Brown posing with a gun, or the one passed off as Darren Wilson in a hospital bed with his orbital socket blown out."

- "those pictures were believed to be genuine by so many who distributed them on social media, even when they weren’t, and how difficult it is for some to discern the difference between one black man and another."

- "Cardinals fans taunting peaceful protesters who gathered outside a playoff game to raise the issue of Brown’s death, by calling them crackheads or telling them that it was only because of whites that blacks have any freedoms at all, or that they should “get jobs” or “pull up their pants,” or go back to Africa."

- "many bought the story that Wilson had been attacked and bloodied, even as video showed him calmly standing at the scene of the shooting without injury, and even as the preliminary report on the incident made no mention of any injuries to Officer Wilson, and even as Wilson apparently has a history of power-tripping belligerence towards those with whom he interacts, and a propensity to distort the details of those encounters as well."

White People React "reflexively"

This article states that white people just react reflexivly to events involving blacks to immedietely take the side of the cop. This is partly true but the blacks are doing the same thing by immedietely assuming that the shooting was due to racist discrimination and that Officer Wilson is guilty.

The larger Issue

No one can truly say for sure whether the shooting of Mike Brown was provoked by racial profiling, however many cases of incidents like this seem to happen over and over again and it needs to stop. In the police's defense Black people account for a majority of murders in the United States while they're population is less than half of the white people. Because of statistics like this a black person might be more suspicious to a cop than another race. This does not mean that it is right however. Riots have ensued all over the U tied States. The worst of which happened in Ferguson where the shooting took place. Protestors burned down buildings, looted stores and vandalized everything in sight. This was went about in the wrong way and only disproved the black communities argument even more. Other protests around the United States such as in New York have been done peacefully and gone about in the right way and it sends a much better message to the United States. Racial discrimination has come so far in the last 50 years and the last thing the black community wants is a relapse of that, so they are speaking out once and for all.