2015 Year In Review

Created by Brandon Bell

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Apple was definitely marketed the best through out 2015. They produced many new great products this year and they honestly dont even have to advertise. Everybody i know, including myself, owns an apple product, or multiple. Every year we wait for the next new apple product to release, the next generation. This marketing strategy obviously proves to be very effective and has benefited Apple very much.
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Nike is the most popular sports apparel brand in the world. In 2015, i saw a signifigant rise in how many people wear nike products. Nike now has very many great athletes signed with them and a lot of people support those athletes and want to wear their apparel. Nike also keeps up with social media, and advertises on sites such as twitter, which just about everybody uses everyday.
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Lego has done a very great job of marketing this year. They obviously know how to reach out to the kids providing them with their favorite characters and cool things to build. Lego also came out with a movie this year, which was a huge hit. All of the characters and lego sets from the movie are sold in stores which all the kids want.
The best two products of 2015 were the Iphone 6s and the self balance segway. the Iphone 6s is the fastest, most reliable cell phone on the market right now. it is also the most popular and the best selling cell phone. The self balance segway was an instant hit in the beginning of 2015, and people around the world were instantly in love with it. The worst product of 2015, especially with all of the gun violence and shootings in 2015, is the gun shaped iphone case. Police warned the public of these cases saying they could be mistaken for real guns, and police have been mistaking nothing for real guns and still shooting. This is the worst product created in 2015 by far.

2015 Top 10 Songs

01. UpTown funk!

02. Thinking out loud

03. Blank space

04. Take me to Church

05. Shake it off

New Year Resolution for 2016

Personal Improvement: I will work hard to get to 6% body fat. I am very Healthy and fit but i want to be very in shape.

Family & Friends: I need to spend a lot of time with family & friends, as much as i can. Im going to college in the fall and i will not be seeing my family that much when i go to college.

School and outside world: I wish to keep my grades up like i have been and school and my goal is to get accepted to college, my goal is also to sign with a college football team to play for next year.