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Week of November 16th - 20th

Weekly Prep - PERIOD 9 (50 min at the end of the day)

The MRC will be open for all regularly scheduled classes but closed for individual students (without teacher supervision) to come down and exchange books.


Bullying Prevention Week - November 16th - 20th

Resources on the BWW - teaching resources that are organized by grade and can be used to address the issue of bullying

Resources in the MRC to support Bullying Prevention

Be Cool Units for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 - Each unit includes lessons and a DVD

BeCool teaches kids specific reflective thinking techniques to promote self-control, stop bullying and interrupt the tendency to impulsively act out. In the process of imagining the pros and cons of behaving HOT, COLD, or COOL and using optimistic self-talk, students become more self-aware and empathic to the feelings of others.

The BeCool Series teaching paradigm is based on Assertion Training. Your students will watch as their video peers hesitate and then model three different ways to respond to conflict: 1. Blowing up (HOT); 2. Giving up (COLD); 3. In Control (COOL). The negative consequences of the victim-like/passive response and the hot-head/aggressive response are then contrasted against positive outcomes of the assertive/COOL response.

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Books on display in the MRC. Please do not sign them out but leave a sticky on the book stand with your name and period you are using the book.

We have too many resources to highlight here. Please let me know if you are looking for something specific and I will help you find it!

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Link can also be found on the BWW under online tools OR on our NL website under Library

Gizmos®, is a library of interactive online simulations for math (correlated to the Math Makes Sense Textbook) and science education in grades 3-12.

Gizmos are: Fun, easy to use, and help students develop a deep understanding of challenging concepts through inquiry and exploration on computers and iPads.

Gizmos are ideal for small group work, individual exploration, and whole class instruction using an LCD projector or interactive whiteboard.
You can sign up for a free subscription through the BWW and online tools. Once you have an account you choose specific Gizmos you want your class to use. They can access your account with a class code.

Great Website for Kids - K and Up

Great Websites for Kids is a compilation of exemplary websites geared to children to age 14. Suggested sites are evaluated by the Great Websites for Kids Committee using established selection criteria. The committee is made up of members of the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association. There is also a tab to access sites for Parents, Caregivers, Teachers, etc…