America is said to be "The land of the free"

What if you were in their shoes?

Immigrants are people just like us, however their country has a set of different rules and laws to abide. Most immigrants who travel to the U.S. are simply trying to get a job to provide money for their family in their home country. Immigrants have some of the same motivations we Americans have.

Spectrum on granting illegal immigrants citizenship

There are many pro's and con's, I am going to list just a few of the pro's
  • Immigrants can fill jobs that most Americans don't want.
  • The current legal immigration path to citizenship is costly, time-consuming, inefficient, and limited; because of this people seeking entry to the US feel they have no choice but do so illegally.
  • Decreasing or eliminating legal immigration will inevitably create more incentive to come to the country illegally, which leads to less assimilation and fewer taxpaying, law-abiding citizens.
  • It improves the overall image of America internationally, as it is seen as an open, welcoming country; and immigrants who return home or maintain contact with family back home have a true image of America, not the one propagandized in much of the international media.
  • It gives struggling people all over the world an opportunity for a better life. This country was built on immigrants who sought opportunity, political & religious freedom, etc.


  • More immigrants means more opportunity for terrorists, drug dealers, and other criminals to enter the country.
  • Immigrants, especially the poorer ones, consume a high amount of government resources without paying a corresponding high rate of taxes.
  • The national identity and language is disappearing. The great "melting pot" is being replaced by divisive multiculturalism.
  • The emigration to the United States hurts the home country, as much of the male population, workers, and top intellectuals often leave their country.
  • Less-skilled American citizens earn less money and have fewer job opportunities because they must compete with immigrants in the job market.

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