LV Technology

By: Madelyn Tingley

Learn To Type

*Each class period we do 5 minutes of typing.

*Are goal is to finish the Intermediate before the first quarter and that is above and beyond.

*Next your goal is to try to finish the advanced before next period.


*First we choose what iTrailer we are going to use.

*Then you choose what your topic is and design your iTrailer.

*Then you have a choice if you want to present but you don't have to. But you will have to submit it.

Haiku Deck

*For this we made a presentation on our dream job.

*We got most of are details from Career Locker.

*For this presentation we did and you will have to present and submit.

*you will need 11 slides and if your dream job is the be a Professional Athlete you will need a back up plan.

Explain Everything

*Here we did an Explain Everything and you will get 10 math questions but you need to pick one.

*You will solve the math problem.

*Then you will record your voice.

*Finally you submit it to your teacher.

Career Locker

*For this Mrs. VandenBoogaard will come in for five days and go step through step with you.

*There are two superman and they give you clues for the week and you try to find out what career they are at. You will have a chance of being on the leader board.

*You play games and you have to fill out a chart based on a college that you plan on going to in the future.


*Coding is something that we did in 5th grade.

*the give you patterns and blocks for you to try and figure out. Eventually when you are ready you will click start and wait to see if you pass. Once you pass that level you will move on to the next. Also there will be different stages.

* While you go through the year she will grade you to see how far you get she expects you to get to at least up to stages 8 and 9.