Mining Towns of Alaska

Gwen Putz and Lauren Makinen

Kennecott, Alaska

-Kennecott is an abandoned mining camp in Alaska.

-The camp and mines are now a National Historic Landmark District administered by the National Park Service.

-It is located by the Kennicott glacier.

-This was a popular place to mine for copper in the 1900s.

-It was discovered in August 1900, by two prospecters named Jack Smith and Clarence Warner.

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Red Dog Mine

- The Red Dog Mine has a large source of lead and zinc.

- Construction of the mine began in 1987.

- Most of the zinc lies in a small area of the mine.

- The Red Dog mine is located in the Northwest Artic Borough.

- It is approximitly the size of Indiana and has a population of 7,208 people.

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