Proctored Midterm!

Important Information!

Background Information: Read CAREFULLY!

All fully online students must take a proctored exam.

I use the midterm exam as the proctored test because the end of the term is so stressful and hectic that it's not worth it to delay it.

This way you get it over with and you don't have to think about it anymore!

Your final exam is NOT proctored---you will take it after December 5th at home or school on your own time.

Please read on for more specific instructions on signing up for the Proctored Midterm Exam.


General Instructions:

1. The Proctored Midterm Exam is formatted like the quizzes you have been taking. It will last 60 minutes or less and will include 50 questions worth 2 points each. No surprises.

2. You will take your test at the library of the closest WGTC campus to you. You will report to the librarian or library staff member on duty on the date at the time you signed up.

3. I will post a study guide for the exam in the 'Announcements' widget on the Blackboard home page. You can print it, use it to take notes (front and back, hand- or type-written) and you may use it to help you (like open notes) on your test.

4. IF you live 50+ miles from the closest WGTC campus, please email me for alternatives to the library at the closest WGTC campus.

5. Now read the instructions below to complete the process.


(IF you are dual enrolled/MOWR students, you will skip this paragraph and follow separate directions in another paragraph.)

For "regular" students:

1. The testing window dates are September 23-26 & September 30-October 3.

2. You will click on the link below that starts off "click this link" to access the form to choose your WGTC campus and the date/time you want to take your test.

3. Write the date and time that you sign up for immediately, so that you don't forget when your appointment is.

Dual Enrollment/MOWR Students' Instructions

General Instructions:

1. The testing window dates are September 23-26 & September 30-October 3.

2. MOWR students take their Proctored Midterm Exams at their base high schools (except for Coweta County students. More information follows for you. Skip to the "Coweta County Instructions" paragraph for details.)

3. You MUST email me your high school counselor or facilitator's name and email address as soon as possible!

If you do NOT send me his/her name & email address, I can't contact him/her with the pertinent information. If I can't email the information, you can't take the exam=zero for the exam & you'll have to take the midterm during the testing window during finals week---that means a midterm & a final exam all in one week.

4. I will email your high school contact the pertinent information about the study guides, rules, etc.

5. You will set up an appointment with your facilitator/counselor at your and his/her convenience.

Instructions for Coweta County MOWR Students!

Coweta County high schools do NOT proctor our exams. SO you will sign up on the form at this link to schedule an appointment to take the Proctored Midterm Exam at the Coweta County campus of WGTC.

You will report to the library and check in with the library staff at the Newnan campus on the date you signed up to take the test at the appropriate time.