Stop Cyber Bullying!

Help Put An End To Cyber Bullying!

What is cyber bullying?

Threats or other offensive behavior being sent lots of times to someone, or being posted online about another person is considered cyber bullying.

What should you do about cyber bullying?

  • When it is you being bullied, tell an adult, block and report the bully.
  • To help prevent being a target of cyber bullying, don't post too much personal information, and block the users that are bullying other people before they get to you.
  • If someone you know is cyber bullying others, tell an adult, talk to them about it and let them know it's not going to benefit them in any way, and that it could get them in trouble very easily.
  • If someone you know is being a victim of cyber bullying, tell an adult and tell the victim to block and report them.