Oregon State

"She flies with her own wings"

Basic School Information

Location: Corvallis, OR.

Great source of education

About 115,000 for a four year program

G.P.A. must be 3.00 or higher/SAT's have to be 1450 or higher

Enrollment: 28,886

Student/teacher ratio: 19:1

Location Information


Fun things to do:

  • Art center
  • Movie theater
  • Canyoning and rappelling class
  • Climbing tours
  • Bike tours
  • River Rafting tours


  • Spring and summer temperatures: Low 60's to high 90's
  • Fall and winter temperatures: High 30's to mid 60's


  • Cascade mountains
  • Coast range
  • Klamath mountains

Paying for College

My plan to pay for college:

  • The Navy
  • Scholarships
  • Save money from job
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