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Why is sportsmanship a problem in our world today, and how does it happen, and how can we fix it? Sometimes it happens when there was a bad call by the ref, or an argument fires up and both teams end up getting mad. Sometimes it is the kids that can get mad and do something that could make a fool of themselves and their team. How can we be better about having good sportsmanship and not making a fool out ourselves by getting mad? When you get mad and can’t control it, it can become a problem for you and everyone else around you. One reason that people do it is to get into peoples head, it says in an article called poor sportsmanship play, "It is used by the fans to get into players head." One good way to get rid of bad sportsmanship is to teach your kids to become better and do better while becoming better yourself. The reason it is a big problem today is because it happens too much and then it gets everyone hating you and then no one respects you. This should help if you have a hard time keeping down you sportsmanship and your reputation.

Positive and negative


I could do something like showing someone that has good sportsmanship and showing both teams are happy and there is no hatred and no one is mad and everyone goes home happy. There could be a saying that goes with it that says “no sportsmanship no happiness.”


I could show someone having poor sportsmanship because they are to mad and could not hold it back and are in trouble. I could say “sportsmanship is important without it you will be remembered as someone who just gets mad all the time and can’t control their anger. “