Ms. Tate's News Blast

Room 167

Another ASTOUNDING week under our belts!!!

Can you believe this weather?? The students are loving recess with the weather as gorgeous as it is!!

Reminder, we have teacher meetings on Friday, November 13th, so your child does not have school.

We are 8 weeks into reading for words!! When you check your child's words read this weekend the goal is 144,000 words. If your child isn't having success with the books they are reading, please remind them to read more carefully or be more careful when choosing books at the library. Remember, if your child's words per minute are around 100 then 20 minutes a night should give them about 2000 words. Please look at your child's green sheet to see how many words the books they are reading have. If you notice that the library books they are reading do not have 2000 words remind them that they should be reading from their chapter book each night as well. Reading 20+ minutes, 6-7 days a week, should be a normal part of your child's day.

We are continuing with our Electricity and Magnets Unit. The Bakken house Field Trip is on the 18th and the kids are excited. Please remember to send your child's "brown bag lunch" with them that day.

This week in Math we started Chapter 5: Multiplying with Multi-Digit Numbers/Story Problems. We have been practicing this since the beginning of the year. Please continue to check in with your child about their Countby Packets. All students should be finished with all Countbys by Winter break. Knowing their multiplication facts fluently is so very important!! You can help your child by checking in with them everyday and asking if you can quiz them on the card they have in their planner!! 5+ minutes each evening/weekend will help them get to the December Goal!! Be a strong cheerleader for your child!!

Thank you again for all that you do to help your child be a successful 4th Grader!!


Ms. Teresa A. Tate