The Year of the Hangman

Gary Blackwood

Priamary Setting

The Primary Setting of The Year of the Hangman is the Coonies in North America. The year was 1777.

Main Characters

  • Creighton Brown
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Benedict Arnold

Main Conflict

The Main Conflict is that Creighton has to choose a side in the Revolutionary War. He can choose either the Colonist or The Brittish.


Event (Chapter 3)

Creighton meets his Uncle (Colonial Gower) when he arrives in the Colonies. Creighton finds out that he is going to Florida with his uncle.

Event (Chapter 6)

Creighton arrives in New Orleans with Peter. Peter introduces Creighton to Dr. Franklin and Dr. Franklin lets Creighton stay with him.

Event (Chapter 4)

Creighton and his uncle are on a ship to Florida when it gets taken over by some Colonist. The colonists take Creighton and his uncle to New Orleans. Colonial Gower gets taken as a prisoner, but Creighton was thought to just be a servant boy.

Event (Chapter 8)

Creighton plays Dr. Franklin in a round of cards and loses so, he has to stay at Dr. Franklin's house and work in the Print shop with Sophie and Franklin printing the town newspaper.

Event (Chapter 13)

Creighton breaks his uncle Gower out of prison along with Hale.Creighton tells Gower about the newspaper names The liberty Tree that he found in Franklin printing shop. Hale and Gower end up leaving Creighton behind and he has to "spy" on the colonists.

Event (Chapter 15)

Indians burn down the Printing shop and Franklin tries to save the types. Creighton helps Franklin in the process to get the prints out. A beam falls on Franklin and he gets stuck. Creighton and Franklin pass out and when Creighton wakes up he is out of the fire and Franklin is hurt really bad. Franklin dies because of the wounds from the fire.

Event (Chapter 18)

Creighton, Arnold, and Peter go to the Pensacola. When they all arrive in Pensacola they find Hale and Gower. Arnold pretends to be a tratior. Peter has to give a message to someone but he almosts gets caught.

Event (Chapter 20)

Arnold and Gower get into a duel because Gower thinks he is lieing and isnt a spy so Gower calls a duel. Gower gave arnold a rigd gun so it doesn't go off but Arnold has a gun in his coat so he shoots Gower with that gun. Gower dies.

Event (Chapter 22)

Creighton and Arnold find Creighton's dad, Harry Brown. They also find out that Gorege Washington was hung but Harry was alive even though Creighton thought he was dead.

Event( Chapter 23)

Creighton and Arnold get locked into a cell with Harry. Peter gets them out and the escape, but Creighton gets shot in the leg. Arnold stays behind to fight but Peter, Creighton and Harry go back to New Orleans.