Middle Colonies

Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania (Bread Baskets)


Delaware was named after Lord De La Warr; Governer of VA in 1610. De La Warr was also the founder, he found it in 1638. Delaware did NOT have an established religion. It's government type was proprietary. It made its money through trade and substinent farming.

New York

The Duke of York founded New York in 1664. Also named after him as you can see. New York had a proprietary government and no established religion. They made their money through fur trade with the Indian Iracoy tribe.

New Jersey

New Jersey is the trash place for New York. Founded by Lord Berkeley in 1664; without an established religion its government form was also proprietary. It was named after the British Island Jersey. Their source of income came from exported agricultural products and natural resources including cattle, grain, rice, indigo and wheat.


This was the most famous Middle Colony; founded by William Penn in 1682 getting a late start with a proprietary government. Pennsylvania made its money from mixed farming. Their established religion were Quakers: very liberal (open minded), welcoming of all religious groups. They had a great relationship with the Indians. Pennsylvania was the first colony to outlaw slavery.