Sarah's Ghost House

By: Emily Mosty


In 1862 a girl named Sarah Pardee got married William Wirt Winchester. William had made a very popular gun named Winchester rifle and it was one of the most famous rifles in the world. They then moved together to a large home in Haven, Connecticut. Later they had a baby girl and named her Annie. Sadly after a month of Annie's birth she died. Annie died from what was thought to be a mysterious illness. A few month later her husband died. After this tragedy Sarah refused to see anyone. Sarah only thought of her family's death and started to come to a conclusion and think that the Winchesters were cursed. Sarah then talked to a man named Adam Coon's thinking that he could make contact with the dead. She then saw that her husband was standing beside her in spirit. Adam told her that unless she did something in her family's memory then the ghost that have died from Winchester's rifle would haunt her forever. She was told to move west and buy a house that her husbands spirit would pick out. Sarah started construction in the late 1880s. Sarah dinned and talked to the ghost. But in 1922 she died there at the age of 85. The house is now a Historical Landmark ever since May 13, 1974.


In the late 1880s the house was started added to. When she bought the house it had 8 bedrooms and was sitting on a plot of 44 acres of the land of San Jose, a city about 50 miles south of San Francisco. She had inherited 20 million dollars from her husband so she had plenty of money for the house. Sarah hired 18 carpenters, 12 gardeners, a countless number of plumbers, plasterers, stonemasons, and painters. They worked on the house for 38 years everyday all day long. The ghost didn't always like the plans and changed them some times. In the end she paid a total of 5 million dollars on the house.

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