About Refugees

There are six million refugees in Africa. It is estimated that 80% of refugees are women and children. Developing countries have 80% of all refugees in the world. In the past African refugees were able to flee. More than 1000 refugees from Somalia are pouring into Kenya each day. Organizations help refugees in many ways. They provide service to people living in camps, train people to become health care providers, provide life saving relief, and many other things.


ARC helps people survive conflict and rebuild their lives.

ARC has helped many countries, but many of those countries are in Africa. Since 2011 ARC has been helping Somalia by providing life saving relief to families who have been forced to leave their home. They have been helping South Sudan since 1994 recover from crisis. Since 1994 ARC has helped Rwanda rebuild the country's health structure. They have helped Uganda by giving them protection, sanitation, camp management, and many other things.

How to get involved

One way to get involved with ARC is to volunteer. This would mean you would have to contact the organization and ask how you could help them. You could also introduce ARC to people you know. Spreading awareness is one of the best ways to get people interested in the organization. You can send ARC E-Cards to loved ones. The E-Card could be a picture of the refugee and their story.

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