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NEWSLETTER | TERM 1 | WEEK 9 | 1 April 2021

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Message from Geordie

So that term was a blur! A fun, exciting, high-energy, rewarding and very busy start to the year…

A HUGE thanks to everyone at St Bernie’s for their support this term. Over the past few weeks, I have received a number of really lovely emails supporting the vibe around our school. These emails make a big difference to the staff and remind us all of how lucky we are to be part of such a great community. We continue to encourage feedback, both positive and constructive, and I have really appreciated how well-written this has been. We have a lot to celebrate and a lot of exciting work to do in the future!

Please click the link below to respond to our Term 1 Parent Feedback Form.

With Mother’s Day early next term we would like to make our Mum’s feel a little special by collecting and using a few photos of our students with their mothers. If you have one that you really like, please send it through to by the end of Week 1.

Yesterday a group of Year 4 to 6 students participated in the Interschool Swimming Carnival in Rockingham. We could not be prouder of our students who gave it their best, swam their hearts out, displayed excellent Sportsmanship and represented our school perfectly! We had a number of students who attended the carnival as reserves yesterday too. This can be a difficult day, however, Mr Murtagh, Mrs Resuggan and Mrs Buttafucco were really impressed at how they cheered our swimmers on and helped out during the carnival. Thanks guys!

Can I please take the opportunity to remind parents that when we attend events such as these it is important that we stick to the rules set by the organising committee (even if other schools do not) as we want to set an example for our students. We understand that this can be frustrating at times, but I thank everyone for supporting our teachers with this. Yesterday arvo I was unable to attend my kids PP Dance Concert due to the school-imposed number restrictions and I am yet to be able to see any of their school events. Not going to lie, I was disappointed - so I do get it!!

This weekend is a special time in the Catholic Calendar. It is a time to reflect on how lucky we are to be part of the St Bernadette’s Community and all the love, learning and fun we experience everyday. It is a time to reflect on our role as parents and educators of our amazing children. This Easter may the words of Jesus continue to inspire and propel our daily lives,

“Love one another as I have loved you,” (John 15:12).

And in this way, we can be peacemakers, healers, joy-makers. We can be light and love to all who cross our path.

On a personal note, I promised George and Audrey that I would inform the Easter Bunny that we will be down south over the Easter Weekend. I am really looking forward to catching a few whiting (unlikely as my fishing skills are appalling – but I can dream), exploring a winery or two and putting a few extra dents in my Hilux off the beaten track.

I hope you all have some time to do the things you enjoy doing as a family and are recharged and ready for another great term!

Stay safe

Geordie Thuijs



First day of Term 2 is on Monday 19 April.

Friday 23rd April is a Pupil Free Day – staff will be completing a Making Jesus Real PD Day towards their accreditation renewal.

Monday 26th April
is ANZAC DAY public holiday.

Interschool Swimming Carnival

Year 4, 5 and 6 Students participated in the Interschool swimming carnival at the Rockingham Outdoor pools on Wednesday, coming 5th overall. Our Bernie's spirit was amazing and the cheering deafening which is great to see even when things are not going according to plan!

A big congratulations to William Easter who won runner up Year 6 Champion Boy.

P&F Easter Raffle

A huge thank you to the P&F ladies who arranged and coordinated the Easter Raffle. Our parents donated a mountain of Easter goodies which were made into fabulous Easter prizes for each year group. Lots of our students will be going home with extra chocolate for the holidays!

Thankyou to everyone who supported this community event.

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Arts Ministry Easter Colouring Competition

The Arts Ministry arranged an Easter colouring competition which was a huge success and we raised $138.00 for Caritas. The caliber of the artwork was fantastic so it was difficult choosing the winners!

The winning pictures are displayed in the office - please pop in to have a look.

Year 6 Specialty Photographs

On photo day specialty group images (Faction Captains etc) were taken. These images can be viewed and purchased at a unique website, which is DIFFERENT to where you order the portraits and class photos online.

1. To place your Order online simply go to

2. Locate the Schools Name, then select the album titled: St Bernadette's CPS Specialist Groups - 2021

3. You will then be required to enter a password to view the Album. The password for this HSDMAB21

4. Please ensure that you use your child’s name at the checkout.

5. The images you are viewing are uncropped and will be cropped to fit to a 10x8 print (as per the first image in your gallery, a sample of layout & colour)

  • The online orders will be open until midnight on Tuesday, 13 April 2021 – for the Bulk Pricing Offer
  • The Bulk Pricing Offer is $20 per print and these will be delivered to the school BY CLASS GROUP
  • After the $20 pricing expires, the photos will remain available online, but the photos are now at a cost of $35 per image and delivered to a preferred address.

If you have any queries please contact MSP Photography on 9240 8000 or via email on

Year 3 Garden Produce Stall

The Year 3 students held their first produce stall last Friday. They set up tables outside the school office, selling veggies, herbs and worm wee. The children were so excited to be manning their stall and there was alot of interest in the items on sale!

Message from Mrs Cairns - On the Friday of week 2, Year 3 Garden Gnomes, will be having another garden stall. Please come and support our wee gnomes! More worm wee and other herbs and produce for sale including, rosemary, basil, oregano and mint!

For the non- green fingered folk, the worm wee is the best fertiliser in the world for your gardens! Just dilute with water and watch your garden grow- just like Mary did!

Communication with Staff

A reminder that communication with staff should only be through the school email or with a call through the office on 9593 4066. We are streamlining this process for families and staff to ensure nothing is missed so please understand that SeeSaw messages will not be answered by teachers. We appreciate your support with this.

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New & improved chicken coop

Barbara and our new arrivals have had a coop make over, just in time for the holidays! Thank you to Mr and Mrs Murphy for this amazing renovation!

Mr T impressed us with another talent, showing the Year 6's how to clip the chicken's wings.

Our students absolutely love these feathered friends!

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Policies, Compliance and Extra Information

One of the things all schools find difficult is ensuring parents have access to all the information they require. It is a fine balance between getting all the information out there and not bombarding you all at once. This section of the newsletter will provide weekly updates on our different policies and procedures so that we are all on the same page.

This week the focus is on the Code of Conduct – Conduct Statement 1: You act safely and competently.

Our Code is the minimum standard expected of all people in our community and whenever an adult signs into our school they need to agree to comply with this document. It gives us a framework of what is and is not acceptable conduct in our school in order to keep our students safe, happy and healthy. As a staff we can use different examples from our context to discuss how to apply the Code of Conduct and what to do if we believe there has been a breach or someone has not acted in line with the Code.

Attached is the full list of all 12 Statements, as well as some extra detail of how Statement 1 should be applied.

St Bernadette's Parents & Friends Association

Welcome to the school P&F where everyone is welcome to join.

If you would like to find out what is happening at our school, please join our P&F Facebook page:


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School Term Dates 2021

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Term 3 Tuesday 20/07/2021 - Thursday 23/9/2021

Term 4 Monday 11/10/2021 - Friday 10/12/2021

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