Joaquin Miller Elementary

Staff Bulletin March 23, 2015

Principal's Corner

March is coming to an end, and the mad dash to June has started. I just received word that Joaquin Miller will host Summer Learning for our local hub, the Bella Vista hub, and ESY. I will learn more about which schools are included in these hubs, and what the curricular focus will be during a Tuesday Training. I will be looking to fill teacher positions. To maintain fairness in the selection process, I will distribute the OEA Summer Teacher selection process to everyone on Wednesday. I will be following this protocol to select two teachers from our site and three teachers from surrounding schools. The change in status was due to additional funding made available through grants at the last minute. Once I know how many schools we are serving, I can provide you with the number of students you may recommend for the program.

This Wednesday during our staff meeting, we will review the bell schedule, as proposed at our last meeting. Plan to bring feedback on the pros and cons and come with suggestions to improve the experience for students and staff. My biggest priority remains student safety, so be prepared to support this priority in your suggestion. I am open to all ideas, and very willing to make appropriate changes to meet more needs of the school's recess system.

ILT meeting tomorrow after school. We will finalize the up coming STEAM Night Adventure. So far, the following staff have volunteered to support this fun learning event: Ifetayo, Ray, Ben, Deidre, Denise, Jennifer, Helene, Sylvi, and some additional outside volunteers will be joining our team effort. We still need a few more volunteers if you are interested, please let Ifetayo know. Ifetayo was able to coordinate with the Science Department to receive wonderful STEM kits for us to use. It will be a great learning experience for all.

March 27, the 5th Grade Physical Education Assessment is due to the district. Please turn in your data into me by Thursday, March 26.

Mandi is working on a new garden class area on the lower grade yard, in her capacity as one of the Green Glove Coordinator. She will be working collaboratively with her grade level team, the Dads club, and the District Gardner, Grey. This is a very exciting project for our students and teachers!

Upper Grade Play Structure will be closed for a month while the mats are being replaced. Please share this with students.

Please welcome Erin Valenzuela, as our newest addition to the JM family. She is now supervising lunch recesses and afternoon recesses. Please let your students know who she is and to follow her instructions the same way they do with La Renda.

Thank you everyone for collaborative spirit, innovation, and caring nature.

Principal Smith

Assembly Alert: Oakland High School's Chinese Lion Dance performance

Wednesday, March 25 @ 10:45 AM in MPR

We have had these terrific OUSD students come perform for us in the past. I hope most classes will be able to attend. The drumming can be loud and the dragon can be scary. Please be mindful of this if you attend.