Coded Life: Motions of Change

Three aerial dances about science

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Join us at the interface of art and science

Coded Life: Motions of Change
An Atlanta Science Festival Event at THE SPACE

Science and dance come together in this evening of inspired exploration. The Space and The Center for Chemical Evolution invite you to witness acrobats moving through the air, illustrating the development of our own biochemistry, soil ecology, and computer science. Each of the three dance pieces will be followed by a panel of experts ready to take your questions.

The Thrilling Aerial Adventures of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, inventors of computing, contemplate the mathematics behind encryption, demonstrate that scientists need the support of their colleagues, and attempt aerial acrobatics in 19th century clothing despite all reason.

Polarity: a Dance of the Water Molecules

Water is the essential ingredient to life on Earth. But why? The secret hides in the chemical structure of water molecules. The uneven charge between hydrogens and oxygen lets molecules stick to each other. In this dance, hydrogen and oxygen atoms come together to pull, push, attract and repel, in celebration of the molecule that makes life possible.


Evolution tells us we share a common ancestry- that we came from simpler organisms. But what came before the simplest single-celled species? How did the molecules of life first come into being? Accompanied by a live string quartet and performed entirely on a giant double helix, Retrosyn is an aerial duet that explores current chemical theory surrounding the origins of life.

Coded Life: Motions of Change

Saturday, March 19th, 8-10pm

4620 S Atlanta Rd SE, Ste A


For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.
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