Troop 179 Committee Meeting Notes

February 8,2016

Attendees: Mark Lovrich, Truman Marshall, Robert Compton, Marcie Baldwin, Diana Lehr, Jeromey Sims, James Munzlinger, Mike Graham, William Pifer, Chris M., William French, Angie French, Kristen Hammond, Deanna White, Robbie Hoover, Lendall Mefford, Chrystal Riddell, Marsha Oliver, Tom Weimer, Charles Barkley, Maria Savage, Belinda Dunn, Craig Maddox Art Hemsworth,

Outdoor Activities- Angie French

  • February 20-21 Hills and Hollows camping trip.
  • March 18-20 Camp Wisdom camping trip. $5.00 per person

Secretary - Deanna White

  • The format of the committee meeting notes will be changing.
  • Notes will sent out soon after the meeting to allow parents that did not attend meeting to stay informed.
  • If you have hand outs for the meeting you can give me a copy to attach to the notes, or you can email me a copy at

Treasurer- Mike Graham

Advancement Coordinator- Diana Lehr

  • Advancement Status -click links below
  • Boys working toward a rank are able to continue to work within the old rules, until they reach the new rank or the end of the year.
  • Scouts who attended merit badge collage received blue cards at the meeting February 8, 2016.

Training- Marcie Baldwin-

Equipment Coordinator- Robert Compton

  • The boxes are built
  • An equipment check will be done soon
  • The front racks will be started after the next camp out
  • The boxes are very nice and need a nice paint job. We need volunteers to paint these boxes. Each box will need to be primed, painted, and water sealed. If you would like to help see Mr. Compton.
  • What type of floor would be best for our new trailer? The concern is plywood will get a little disgusting, and hold stains and spills. Metal flooring will be a larger cost, but last longer

OA Report- TBD

  • The OA team had a great time helping with the Pack 525 crossover. Great job boys!
  • The troop will have OA election on February 22nd. Mr. Barkley will be sending out information on the boys that are eligible this time.
  • We have several service project opportunity coming up. Please watch for sign up sheets.
  1. February 27th- We will be helping with Pack 525's Blue and Gold ceremony. We will be doing the cooking, serving, and clean up. The event will be held at the church from 8:30-10;00. (times may be adjusted) We will need plenty of scouts to make this a success. Wear your class B for meal prep and cooking and class A if you will be serving. See the signup genuis or RSVP to
  2. February 28th- Cowtown Marathon: The troop will be working the first water stations on the marathon route. We will leave the church no later than 8:45. Boys will wear class A uniform. We should be back at the church around 9:00. Rakes are very helpful at this event.
  3. March 5th- Masonic Lodge Clean up: We have been asked to help with a clean up project. They will be providing a donation back to our troop. Please watch for more information from Mr. Barkley.

Chaplain- Chris Lehr

  • no report given

Friends of Scouting- Deanna White

  • Mr. Barkley was concerned that it was difficult to arrange their attendance at our last court of honor. Mr. Barkley will be addressing the concern.
  • We hope they will attend our next Court of Honor

Eagle Project Coach- William French/Mark Lovrich

  • no report given

Journey to Excellence- William Pifer

  • Last year we were well above the need requirements to reach Journey of Excellence.
  • We are on our way to another successful year.
  • There is a patch that can be purchased. If you are interested see Mr. Pifer

High Adventure- Jeromey Sims

  • Registration for two crews was turned in. The lottery is on March 1st. This will tell us our dates. Spring break was our goal. Some summer dates were given as a back up.

Troop Handbook-Chris Stancil/James Munzlinger

  • no report given

Scoutmaster- Charles Barkley

  • Mr. Kopf has offered a model airplane outing on April 30th. Boys will learn about aeronautics. They will have opportunities to work with the model airplanes. Watch for a sign up genius.
  • A camp card sign up genius went out If your scout plans on selling camp cards you need to request the amount on the sing up genius. Please pick bundles of 10. Cards that are not sold may be returned for credit. There are several opportunists for show and sell booths. Please watch your email for more information. Make sure you keep track of how many cards you ordered and how many cards you sell. Cards that were not sold can be returned. Cards that are lost or misplaced will end up costing you $5.00. If you have questions about camp cards you can see Chrystal Riddell.

Old Business

  • no report given

New Business

  • no report given