Jada's Milestones


Jada Denise Baston

7 1/2 lbs

my mom said that it was painful but it wasn't long. The delivery my mom experienced was

vaginal birth.

  • open my eyes to see
  • open my hands to touch things
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1-3 years old

  • being able to walk
  • hold things on your own

3-5 years old

  • understands simple sentences
  • can make simple sentences
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6-10 years old

  • starts building friendships
  • going to school

11-13 years old

  • starts middle school
  • participates in actives like sports

14-19 years old

  • starts high school
  • identity formation

20-40 years old (Mom)

  • 2 college degrees
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40-65 years old (Dad)

  • he has 3 kids
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65 or older (Nana)

  • she is retired because she is too old to work.
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