By Taylor .P, Rachel .N, Travis .D


Conglomerates are a company made up of many other companies that are complitly unrelated. A parent company will usually control between 30 and 40 other companies and began in the 1950's. Conglomerates were every where in the U.S. because they could control any industry or company. There apeall was largely due to the raped growth and seemingly unstoppable power that they contained. As each new company was purchased the conglomerates borrowing power increased allowing them to buy more companies. By the late 1960's, however, as interest rates began to rise many of the companies own by conglomerates became unprofitable and their parent companies began to sell them off. By the mid 70's most conglomerates were a shell of their former self.

Television Advertising

Television advertisements exploded in the 1950's. between 1950 and 1960 advertisers increased there spending from $5.7 billion to $12 billion. In 1945 there were fewer than 7,000 TV sets in America. By 1950 there were 4.4 million. In 1955 there was $53 spent on every man, women, and child in the nation in TV advertisements. The television not only made people want products but that they needed them. America was boosted in to a bran new age of technology and the TV would showcase every bit of it to the American public.
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