In Danger

Panda I.D

Name: Panda

Place of living: in mountains

Size: between 1.5- 1.8 meters

weight: between 75-165

species: mamals

life expansion: 15 years

Panda In Danger

The Pandas are in danger because, we, the humans destroy their home. Another reason that the Panda is in danger is since they reproduction very slowly and they do not make many babies while they are alive.

Information About Panda

The Panda is a mammal animal from the bear family, it is all white besides her ears and around her eyes which is black. They are mostly in the center of china. The Panda has become the national symbol of china and are on the gold pennies.
ThePanda has a special foot with five fingers and one big toe.

How Can We Help?

we can help the panda to survive by stopping to hunt them.
Cute pandas playing on the slide