Two-Toed Sloth

By: Nathaniel Ayala


Watch out! Here comes the the TWO-TOAD SLOTH! The sloth has really sharp nails that can kill reptiles and birds. That's prey for the sloth. When the sloth kills it's prey, it sounds like BOOM, SCRATCH, BANG, OWW!

Appearance & Classification

The sloth is a mammal. The two toad sloth size is 20-28 inches long. That could be the size of a 1 year old child The sloth can weigh up to 13 pounds. The sloth doesn't weight that much. The height is 2-3 feet tall. The colors of the sloth is brown, tan, grey, white. The sloth's skin is very fury. One of the interesting facts about the sloth is it has 2 toes. Sloths are related to anteaters and armadillos.

Habitat Information

The sloth lives in South America and where the sloth lives its 86-93 degrees were the sloth lives.The sloth lives near tropicial trees and hot weather.Also another habbit that the sloth does is hang from trees and is lazey

Preditor & Prey

The slothes preditors are the jaguar,eagle,snakes. Sloths are omnivores. The sloth's prey is leaves,buds,fruit.The sloth finds its food from trees,dirt,plants.The sloth also preys on little reptiles and birds.The sloth is a lazy small mammal

Fascinating facts

1.Sloths are dweeling animals that sleep and eat all day.

2.Amerdelos and ant eaters are realated to the sloth.

3.The sloths family is bradypodiedae.

4.The sloths body tempeture is uasully around 30-34 degrees celsius.


Hope you enjoyed my story about the two-towd sloth.Hopefully you reasearch the sloth the sloth is interesting.