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September 26-October 3

Teamwork is Seen All Around Us...

One bright spot that always shines through at Lakeview is the team approach to solving problems and supporting one another. So many individuals have recently stepped up to support a fellow staff member in need even when it wasn't always convenient for them to do so. No one hesitates to jump in and help when they see help is needed.

It is this culture that makes Lakeview such a unique and wonderful place to work. Every staff member has that moment when he or she isn't sure how to make it work. It is at these times when we seem to be surrounded by teammates and fellow staff members willing to help shoulder the burden. Continue to support one another and encourage each other. You never know what struggle a person is having and how your kind or positive word might be just what that person needs the most.

Please remember to shout out the greatness at Lakeview. Use the link below to nominate someone. We look forward to sharing these at the faculty meeting.

Thanks for all you do!

Doug and Melissa

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Details about Our Upcoming New York Teacher College (NYTC) Visit

Introducing Our Staff Developer:

April Delude was a teacher in Hazel Park, Michigan for sixteen years before joining the Project. Her classroom was a demonstration site for best practices. She led state-wide literacy institutes, and coached both lower and upper elementary teachers across Michigan’s Oakland County. April works with schools across the country.

Dates of Our K-2 Site Visits:

Oct. 21-22

Jan. 12-13

March 9

What Happens on These Days:

Each grade level will spend 2 hours working with April Delude. The two hours will be structured with 30 minutes of prebriefing, 1 hour of classroom observation, and 30 minutes of debriefing. At times, teachers may be asked to do part of the minilesson or confer with students. We will know this ahead of time. Subs will float between K-2. Melissa will create a schedule for them to follow. Classroom teachers will create sub plans for their 2 hours.

What Is Our Focus:

Our focus this year will be on reading workshop. Our tentative plans are to work on improving our active engagement part of the minilesson, creating conferring toolkits, MSV work with running records, and small group work. We also can flex and change this as needed.


You are not being left out of the fun!! We were recently accepted to be a Distance Learning School with NYTC. We are still waiting to hear exactly how many teachers at each grade level will be allowed to participate. Once we know how many, we will select what teachers will partake. This work will be centered around the writing units. It sounds like an amazing opportunity. Please go to this link to read more details about it:

CARE Team Date is Approaching

Our first CARE Team date is quickly approaching us. CARE Team will take place October 13/15 during collaboration. In order to be included in this first round of CARE Team, the At Risk Profile must be completed by Thursday, Oct. 9th. If you are a new staff member, please speak with your grade chair about CARE Team.

Please click the link below and complete the survey. This will notify us that you need an At Risk Profile.

Sharing Simple Ways Lakeview Teachers are Posting Learning Goals

iObservation Update

Please go into your settings in iObservation and change your notification settings by checking all boxes. This shouldn't create too many emails for you but will let you know when you have something pending.

Here is how you should do it:

  1. Click your name in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click My Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Email Notification Preferences section near the bottom of the page.
  4. Select ALL notifications.
  5. Click Save.

It is possible for you to change your email address, but this is something you should NOT do. Please leave the email address as your WSD email address.

SHOUT OUT the EXCELLENCE around YOU! Click here!

Excellence is all around us. Nominate a staff member by clicking here.

The Week Ahead...

Friday, Sept. 26

  • Larrew's class says pledge on announcements.
  • DRA Folders signed back into Records Room.
  • All DRA scores entered into SISK12.
  • 1st Grade Field Trip
  • Library-Author Visit 1st-5th
  • PTA Movie Night

Monday, Sept. 29

  • Friendship Week (sunglasses)
  • Peter's class says pledge on announcements.
  • 3rd-5th Collaboration in grade chair's room-Math in Focus Support

Tuesday, Sept. 30

  • Friendship Week (Mix It Up Lunch Day)
  • Peter's class says pledge on announcements.
  • Doug Out of Building for Principal Meeting (9:00 a.m.)
  • Melissa Out of Building for Asst. Principal Meeting (3:00 p.m. @ CO)

Wednesday, Oct. 1

  • Friendship Week (Bring a Dollar to Wear Your Pajamas)
  • Peter's class says pledge on announcements.
  • K-2 Guided Collaboration in Collaboration Room
  • 3:40-4:40 Faculty Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 2

  • Friendship Week (It's Twin Day)
  • Peter's class says pledge on announcements.

Friday, Oct. 3

  • Friendship Week (Wear Silly Socks)
  • Peter's class says pledge on announcements.
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Jenny Thies, Heather Cox, and Jill Schulte

Thank you for stepping up to be the "Host Classroom" for our work with New York Teacher's College. We will all learn so much from watching your class work with the staff developer. We appreciate you opening your classroom to all of us and being willing to communicate with the staff developer.

Any teacher of reading or writing...

This week we had the pleasure of discussing where Lakeview is in its work with Reader's and Writer's Workshop with our New York Teacher College Staff Developer. As we shared, our work April said, "Sounds like you are doing great!" She was so amazed at all the work you were doing around the units of study. She felt many great things are already in place here at Lakeview. Your work speaks volumes...

Video of the Week... What if we looked at failure differently?

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Doug or Melissa will respond.

Happy September Birthdays...

Fonda Kennedy 9/3
Jennifer Sonnhalter 9/6
Cheryl Trembley 9/10
Lisa Brown 9/18
Steve Walters 9/21
Ellen Eikel 9/25
Susan Collins 9/28
Troy Gill 9/28