Cyrus the Great

Jaden Gaddis, Chelsei Spaulding, Karime Mendoza

Cyrus the greats accomplishments

Cyrus the great has done many great things in his time. By 546 BCE, he had defeated Croesus. He took control and captured the city of Babylon in 539 BCE. When he did this he set the jews free which landed him a spot in the book of Isaiah in the Bible. After this he moved East and captured the city's of Parthia, Chorasmis, and Bactria.

Why Cryus the Great was a good leader.

Cyrus the great was a great leader for the reason being he conquered and had made sure that the very top notch elements were in use for Persia’s benefit. He was also very generous and very tolerant to those who he had conquered. He showed much respect to those with different religious beliefs, also even the ones he conquered.

What was Cyrus the Great's role?

He was the first King of the Persian Empire.

Why Cyrus was Famous.

Cyrus the Great was famous for many different things, but he is most famous for being the first ruler to rule an empire.