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Hello everybody! My names Reagan Roberts, and i am a middle school student with a love for dance, music, cooking, and diys. I have started this blog to bring you a bit of fashion history, Interior design, advertising and marketing, and really whatever you guys request, in the google document below. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions every week! Let's get started with this first blog post, hope you all enjoy. :)

Starting From the bottom

So the first topic i have for you guys is about hand sewing. I figured in my first blog post i would teach you how to thread the needle and start to sew so in my next post we can do a Christmas diy gift that you can give to friends or family! I have linked the video down below to teach you how. A tip i have for this is to buy a needle that has a really big eye so it is not that hard to stick the thread through the needle, this will save you some serious back ache!
Basic Hand Sewing Stitches

Sketch and Design

I absolutely love sketching and designing outfits so i figured this would be a perfect topic to share with you all. One thing i recently have sketched and have been loving is pairing a striped shirt with a flannel. I think its super cute to mix the two patterns and have been wearing it as a cute and comfy outfit. The picture below gives you guys an idea of how I've been paring it. One thing that's really important though is to either write out or sketch your design right when you think of it so that you don't chance forgetting it and have a super cute outfit for whenever!
Big image

Fashion History

Recently the jelly shoes from the 1980's era have been coming back in style and i'm totally not going to lie i have a pair of these because i think they are just so cute and unique. You can buy them with or without the heel, i have them without but might get a pair with the heel.
Big image

Interior Design

For interior design i thought i would share with you some of my favorite color schemes and where i would place them. For the first color scheme down below i would use the neutrals in the kitchen to give it a modern twist. The second scheme is brighter so i would use in the living room to give it my own spin on things. And the last one is still pretty bright so i would use it in a kid or teens room to make it still modern but a room they will love.

Advertising and Marketing

For advertising and marketing i figured i would give you some tips on how to successfully not get tricked by endorsements and how to shop with out buying things you really don't need just because Selena Gomez uses it, because in reality she probably doesn't! I know i'm sorry i probably just crushed some dreams out there.

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