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Dash and Dot - Robots

Wonder Workshop, Home of Dash & Dot Robots

Add ideas you have for using Dash and Dot in your class on the padlet:

Educational Resources- Curriculum Library

Begin by creating an account for the Curriculum Library. There is a premium services package, but you can get many lessons for free.

To sign up go the link [here]

Click sign up in the upper right hand corner

Choose Sign Up to create your account.

The Dash and Dot Show

Looking for creative ideas? Check out the Dash and Dot Show - a show about ways you can use the robots for kids, by kids.

Check out the video below that teaches kids about variables.

Dash and Dot - Integrate STEM in any subject

Dash and Dot by Wonder Workshop is a robotic duo that makes use of a number of Dash and Dot apps that get kids coding.

Think about using this for your next:
  • Lesson on Speed
  • Lesson on number lines - add and subtract multiples of 10
  • Science lesson involving creating a model - like Life Cycles
  • Music lesson highlighting rhythm with the Xylo app

  • Lesson Plans - through the teachers portal check out lesson plans and curriculum aligned to NGSS - you can search by subject, grade level and accessory. With education packs there is a free subscription to the lesson plans aligned to CCSS and NGSS.
  • YouTube - app tutorial playlist by Wonder Workshop
  • YouTube - Teach Wonder playlist - get tons of ideas for using in your classroom and how tos

  • Wonder according to the website "Kids can use phones and tablets to easily create their own real-world gadgets and robots, providing a stepping stone to the advanced world of robotics, engineering, and technology"
  • Blockly is a drag and drop programming language that allows kids to use directional commands and things like loops to program the robots to do things they want
  • Xylo is a xylophone that allows you to write songs and program Dash to play them
  • Path - introduces students to things like sequences, paths and sensors
  • Go - is an online portal to content that will get kids acting out stories, completing challenges and getting ideas for new projects

Classroom Activities

Need even more ideas for using Dash and Dot? Check out some of these classroom blogs:

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