HCCA Looking For Users Council Reps

Represent HCCA At INFOhio Users Council

Be part of a grassroots effort to provide insight into the most pressing information needs of Ohio students and teachers. Become an INFOhio Users Council Representative for Hamilton and Clermont County school libraries!

Goals of the Users Council

  • Develop and implement a process for generating effective two-way communication between INFOhio and its users.

  • Gather feedback from users that will result in improved INFOhio products and services for the purpose of increasing student achievement.

  • Identify and evaluate projects (products, services and professional development) that will enable INFOhio to meet the future needs of Ohio students.

  • Carry out other tasks as assigned by the INFOhio Governing Advisory Board.

Responsibilities of Users Council Members

  • Gather and report ideas, information and concerns from their respective Information Technology Centers (ITCs).

  • Recommend priorities based upon criteria provided by the INFOhio Governing Advisory Board.

  • Maintain confidentiality.

  • Share ideas and best practices among ITCs.

Criteria for Membership

In order to qualify for selection as a member of the Users Council, an individual must be:

  • An INFOhio user of at least one of the five INFOhio components (electronic resources, library automation, Curriculum Resources Catalog, media resources, instructional development)

  • A licensed educator actively involved with school libraries AND/OR a librarian with MLIS but not a teaching license, working in a school library

  • Willing to represent all INFOhio users in their respective ITC, including students, parents, and educators in all types of PreK-12 schools.