Ned Kelly

By Odet Ishak

What is a bushranger?

Bushranger ia an outlawsor criminal person. Bushranger is the person who steals, gold, rings and cattle from people or miners They usually ambush them by hiding then jumping out. They were active mainly in 1890's. Ned Kelly was a famous bushranger.

Ned Kelly's Early Life

Ned Kelly's real name was Edward Kelly.He was born in June 1854 or 1855. His parents came from Ireland.Even when he was a little boy he used to steal horses.His family were criminal.

Ned Kelly's Crimes

Ned Kelly learnt to be a bushranger from an old bushranger called Harry Power.Ned Kelly made a gang with his brother and friend .The Kelly hang was made up of Ned, Dan,Steve Hart and Joe Byrne . They killed trooper at Stringy bark Creek because they were scared the troopers would kill them first. Ned Kelly was wanted and they reward the catcher pounds.He put the police in the jale and gave the people drinks and the children a holiday .All the people in Jerilderie thought he was a hero and some thought he was villian .

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Ned Kelly's Capture

The Kelly Gang have a friend called Aaron Sherritt the they found that he was a spy and they shoot him dead. On June 27th 1880 the day after shooting of Aaron Sherritt. Kelly Gang was waiting for the police special train. A teacher told the police about the Kelly's plan. The Kelly Gang were in the hotel and the police burned the hote and all three members were killed except Ned he was arrested .Ned was taken to Melbourne and make him better. At 10.00 am on November 11th 1880, Ned Kelly was hanged in the Old Melbourne Goal.