Research Project

Scottboro Trial and Tom Robinson Trial

Scottboro Trial

The Scottboro Triai start when Ruby Bates and Victora Price to aviod arrest falsely accused the nine boys at the ages of 13 to 20 of rape.The trial over 7 yrs. went through the state and federal judical system.Also some evidence was that Willie Roberson has syphilis which caused pain in his growing. Also causing him to walk with a cne and not being able to jump from train to train to get them.Charlie Weems was paroled in 1943, Clarence Norris and Andy Wright were paroled a year later but both were sent back to prison shortly thereafter for violating the terms of their probation; Ozzie Powell was paroled in 1946, Haywood Patterson escaped from prison in 1948, and Norris, the last surviving scottsboro boy was finally pardoned in 1976. Also Wille Roberson was released in July, 1937.


These cases are similar because African-American were all falsely accused of raping a white women in the state of Alabama in the years of segregation. All were also convicted and sentenced to death. All did not get but to death except Tom Robinson but that was for escaping.

Tom Robinson Trial

Mayella Ewell falsely accused Tom Robinson of raping her and assaulting her. In Mayella's testimony she said she has never kissed a man so it might has will been a black person but her dad didn't count. Also her dad was left handed and Mayella was beaten up on the right side. Even though none of the evidence point at Tom he was still convicted.