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Excellent Publicity is the biggest advertising agency that provides advertising solutions for Radio, Cinema, Transit Media, Outdoor Advertising, Digital, Television, etc. The company operates across India as well as Internationally. We are a passionate group of people dedicated to making lasting relationships and helping build Brands.

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What Makes a Good Newspaper Ad?

Newspapers are a reasonable medium that allows you to target specific, specialized demographics. However, any old newspaper ad, regardless of the newspaper advertising cost in India, will not yield the desired results. Too many marketers think of newspaper advertising as an afterthought, if at all. They spend a lot of time and thought on their digital strategies, but when it comes to running an ad in the local paper, they either leave it to the paper's in-house staff or, worse, cobble together an ad that doesn't perform well. When it comes down to it, several characteristics define an effective newspaper advertisement:

  1. It’s Written for the Right Crowd

Have you ever used a newspaper advertisement as a business card? You know, where you write your company's name, address, phone number, and any special offers you're running? How did these advertisements perform for you? In our experience, we have seen people didn't get a return on their newspaper advertisement rates investment when they run generic ads that communicate to no one in particular. You must know who your ideal customer is and how your product or service meets their requirements. Take a glance at the competition. Who are they going after? What kind of words do they use? What type of imagery is most effective for them?

  1. Consider the Consumer

Spend time figuring out who your target buyer is and what makes them buy your product or service. Study industry statistics and demographics, as well as how your products and services meet that consumer's requirements. Understanding the buyer's profile necessitates taking into account everything from the consumer's requirements to financial constraints. New mothers, for example, may want an efficient baby bottle cleaner, but not every new mother has infinite financial means to purchase every new product that comes out on the market.

  1. Use Emotional Triggers

Many marketers make the mistake of believing that their features are what they sell. To be honest, no one asks about features. Humans purchase goods because we emotionally trigger them to do so. Create ad copy that elicits a visceral emotional response in your target audience if you want to produce more leads and/or purchases. When faced with fear, wrath, or delight, consumers respond. They only use your product or service features to explain their purchase after they've already made an emotional decision to buy.

  1. The Headline

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to get people to read your ad. So use a catchy headline to persuade them to read it the first time. Lead with the major benefit of your offer, along with making it brief and sweet. Are you having a holiday sale? Do you offer a free estimate? Do you want a gluten-free pizza? Create a unique and compelling title to grab the reader's attention.

  1. It isn’t Busy

The finest newspaper advertisements are those that are simple and enjoyable to read. Newspaper readers search through the pages, looking for ads that don't demand too much effort or squinting. The following are a few important points to keep in mind:

  1. Limit yourself to at most 1-2 fonts.

  2. Allow the advertisement to breathe by leaving plenty of negative white space around those black words.

  3. Texts must be larger than 8pt.

  1. It Uses a Call-to-Action

The goal of advertising is to get people to respond to buying your product or service. Sometimes people require a little more motivation. Now what you can do is put your offer in front of them, but tell them what they should do next or what will happen if they don't go with the offer with a call-to-action. A free examination, a discount, or an offer that provides value for customers who are ready to buy could be included in the call to action.

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