Slavery Smore

Escaping a Life of Servitude

Escaping Slavery

To begin your long journey to freedom and start your escape from this peculiar institution, you must wait until nightfall. Excuse yourself to use the necessary, but instead just start running North.

To determine which way to go, look for the North Start in the sky, it will be the brightest star, and is a part of the little dipper constellation.

Be very careful to remain out of sight, for if you are caught you will likely be flogged by an overseer, or even killed. Do not let the risks deter you, a life of servitude is hardly worth living.

Run at night, take cover in the day. Stay away from people and dogs, and wash yourself of your scent in a river if possible. Follow the moss on the trees, the migrations of birds, or the North Star to ensure that you are going the right way to freedom.

If you evade capture for long enough, you will eventually reach the border of the northern states. But your trip is not done yet. Even in the north, you can be caught and returned to your old master. Even in those northern "free" states, there are those that will jump at the chance to hurt us darkies trying to escape from the black belt in the south. Luckily, there is an organization called the underground railroad that is there to help. You will find food, shelter, and friends at the border, and they will provide you with transportation to your ultimate goal: Canada.

Once you escape, your life is yours to live. You can choose to help other Blacks and organize slave revolts like Mr. Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner, or you can make a living in Canada and have a peaceful and happy life.

The Underground Railroad (how the slaves escaped)