The Death Cure

Manraj Nagra

The book I have been reading.

The book I have been reading is The Death cure this book is the third book in the Maze Runner series. This book is sci-fi. The three most important things that have happened so far are. First thing is that they where in a house were there is nothing raw carrots, slice of bread,etc. Also when there at the house they check out everything if anyone is there or something trying to spy on them so they go check the bathroom, beds, kitchen. Second thing is that they these guys from this thing called WICKED come after them and try to take them away or kill them. And these guys have to survive and fight the people. Third thing is that they want to find where there friend Gally lives. Because the WICKED people have a tracker on Gally so his friends are try to find him and get him to hide where it will be safe for him. I have made one connection so far that is when one of Gally's friend goes threw a changing he feels all of this power in him and he can't stop controlling his power and when his friends stop him they can't because his mind thinks he has too much power. I have felt this way before.

I read.........books..........

I have read 20 books included The Death Cure. I am trying to finish 40 or more books. I have 2 months and a week for this year. Also I have faith that i could finish 20 or more books by the end of the year. I am proud I have read 20 books so far but I actually should have read more books by this month. But What I have so far is good but I should of read more like 28 or more. My goal is to read different kinds of books not just long books because it takes too long. So I am going to read different genres like non-fiction, bibliography, autobiography, etc. I am going to reach my goal by this year.