the RAH

January 14-18, 2019

from J-

It was great to see you at job alike following winter break. I'm looking forward to the meaningful impact our team will make in 2019!

I've been reflecting upon site visit discussions, and a few themes have emerged. One in particular is on my mind - the expectations and feedback that is being given to staff around the work. Leaders who are intentionally engaged in setting, dialoguing, modeling, and giving feedback around sound teaching and learning practices are driving the appropriate sense of urgency. Urgency, in this context, is good. The danger in not driving urgency is that at some point panic becomes the driver. Without regular guidance and feedback, the direction and purpose become unclear. And come EOY and assessment time, teachers may begin to panic if they feel they haven't done enough. Your leadership and guidance is critical, and the work is too important to not be urgent.

Next week information will be coming to your concerning Care to Learn's Shop with a Hero. Walmart grants were limited this year, so the event will be limited compared to years past. But I am grateful that both CTL and Walmart will continue to provide what they are able to. Please be thinking about two students at your site who may have returned from Christmas without essential needs and could use a hand up. The Shop with a Hero event is scheduled for Saturday, Feb 2.

Have a wonderful week!

Principals Can Improve Professional Conversations

The principal role as an evaluator interferes with the open, peer-to-peer, nonevaluative conversation that characterizes coaching. Principals can adopt some of the strategies of coaches to enhance professional conversations in their schools.

Ways Leaders May Be Out of Touch...

86 percent of employees don't think their performance review inspired them to improve.

from Mike-

Mid-Year Learning Discussions

We had some great dialogue on Wednesday about our mid-year data and how we can use it to drive instructional change, foster collaboration within our building teams, and lead celebration of the great work taking place at our schools. A link to the MOY charts we discussed during the i-Ready round table can be found HERE. As your team begins to dig into your building and grade-level data the opportunity exists to drive conversations towards these essential questions:

· What do we expect students to learn?

· How do we know if they are learning it?

· What do we do if they are not?

· What do we do if they are?

Our leadership in asking the right questions and giving teams latitude to seek out and implement those strategies that are yielding the best results among their colleagues will allow us to continue to grow and improve learning results for all students. Thanks for the work you do to lead your teams and use our learning data to shed light on where we are having great success and where we need to keep growing.

AP Cadre

Our assistant principal cadre will be meeting on the morning of Friday, January 25th at Sherwood. If the principals in those buildings have agenda items you would like for us to tackle, don’t hesitate to reach out to Mike.

Seeing Beyond the Cupcakes

Good read when considering an inquiry and project-based approach to learning.

from AAA


The next edition of the Climate and Culture Scorecard will be available January 18, 2019! Be sure and check your APR folder in Google drive to access it.

Power BI trainings are being held every Tuesday from 9:00-10:30 AM at the Bentley building in room 145. Let us know you are coming by filling the Google form linked here.


ACCESS for ELL Testing Window: 1/7/19 – 3/1/19

NNAT3 2nd Grade Gifted Screener Window: 2/1/19 – 2/28/19

MAP Online Tools Training are available at this link:


· Look on the right side of the screen under MAP Grade-Level Assessments Summative button

· Click on "Online Tools Training"

· This can only be accessed using Google Chrome

Core Data

The Official count day is on 1/30/19, we need to ensure accuracy of enrollment and withdrawal to achieve an official count of our students. Here are some things to remember:

  • Enrollment = If the student attended one hour of one day, they should be enrolled and scheduled
  • Withdrawal = If a student has been absent for 20 consecutive days or considered a “no-show”, they should be withdrawn

NOTE: For students registered to your building as the home school, but attending an alternative program (AIMS, Study Alternative, Middle College, PALS, Solutions, etc.) or for out-of-district students going to Phelps, only enrolling/withdrawing the students is needed. The staff at AIMS, Study Alternative, Middle College and PALS will assign the Program, Homeroom and Course Schedules for these students.

In the process of enrollment cleanup, we will be taking a close look at attendance as this will help with our enrollment counts and attendance numbers for core data.