Paw Prints

February Edition

Students Honored in Chadron

By Gracie Batt

Five of Gering’s freshmen were selected to travel to Chadron and perform in the High Plains Honor Band. In this band, they will feature Derek Sabala and Hassie Hood on trumpet, Gracie Batt on keyboard, Kassadie Rahmig on clarinet, Logan Moravec in percussion, and Matthew Eckerberg on tuba.

“These kids loved preparing for these songs. They desired a challenge, “says Randy Raines, freshman band director. Before these rehearsals, these students had to send a recording audition and be selected from this pool to play in this honor band.

These freshmen performed their songs at Memorial Hall Chadron State College, alongside 12 other Gering students on Tuesday, February 2nd. Total, 72 students from schools across Western Nebraska attended.

Learning About Lent

By Ava Marez

Every religion has something they do that is unique to their culture. Whether they express their beliefs through clothing, missionary work, or just by helping others, it is always something different but important to them and their church.

For Catholics, this something is called Lent. What is Lent? Lent is a season in the liturgical year where Catholics focus on simple living, fasting, and prayer in order to grow closer to God.

The season starts 40 days before Easter to symbolize the time Jesus spent in the desert preparing for public ministry.

This year, the season starts on February 10 (Ash Wednesday) and ends on March 27 (Easter).

During this time, most Catholics enter a period of fasting. Some will go the entire 40 days with little food, but that is not the only way to fast.

People will also fast by cutting things out that distract us from God. Examples would be candy, TV, or soda.

Other Catholics prefer to take something on for Christ. These people will volunteer to help others, collect for the needy, or by working to better the community.

Lent is also a time of intentional prayer. Many will pray while they walk, create music or art as a prayer, or savor time listening.

Lent is a special time of year for Catholics to grow closer to God and the season is quickly approaching.

Freshman Formal

Freshman Formal took place on January 16th.
Andy Dance-a tribute to Mr. Stobel

NJHS Elects Leaders

By Lauren Whaley

On January 21, Ms. Cowan and the NJHS group met to determine the students who will receive the leadership positions.

After voting, it was decided that Rachel Rawlings would be President, and Hassie Hood would be Vice President.

Brock Parker is Treasure and Kassadie Rahmig is the Secretary. The Head of Fundraising is Logan Moravec, Head of Publications is Jaela Hardin and the Head of Services is Gracie Batt.

The group also decided that they would be fundraising with sucker sales. The suckers will be sold February 4-10 for 1$ each.


Dress Code Is Dilemma

Every day we make choices. What to eat, who to talk to, and how to dress. When picking an outfit, we go for comfort and style, but also another factor; dress code.

Of course, there’s a reason for having to follow certain rules. No thirteen-year-old needs to sport an ad for tobacco, or see one all day for that matter.

But what happens if your shorts are a tad shorter than your fingertips, or your shoulders are visible? Fellas, you have it easy here, but for ladies, sometimes getting that outfit just right is harder than everyone imagines.

Does an inch of denim really make a difference when it’s August, and you’re in a rush all morning?

There’s no sugarcoating it, dress code is understandably sexist. We get it, no one cares if a boy’s shirt isn’t up to his collarbone, or his shorts above his knees.

What’s the real reason girls can’t wear shorts, or show their shoulders?

We live in a society where girls are taught to be modest and cover up, regardless of heat or comfort. Why don’t we live in a society that teaches boys to look away?

It’s debatable that it would be a lost cause. However, this does not apply to all guys by any means. Not every boy is catcalling, staring at, and teasing girls.

According to, a study concluded that 84% of girls had received catcalls by the age of seventeen.

Of course, not all men are the problem. A large fraction of men hold respect to women and don’t partake in catcalling. Some men even have to deal with the same problem.

So, next time you put away those shorts in the morning, know that dress code is a meaningful necessity to school rules, and it will be until everyone can show the appropriate respect to others.

-Jaela Hardin

Paw Prints Journalism Staff

The Paw Prints 2015-2016 staff consists of Megan Maser, Nathan Van Anne, Salma Silva, Lauren Whaley, Blanca Muñoz, Ava Marez, Rachel Rawlings, Hannah Coleman, Gina Anthony, Alaina Millay, Gabby Gonzalez-Orozco, Gracie Batt, Mary Newman, and Jaela Hardin.