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November 13, 2015

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Wednesday's faculty meeting led to many great discussions. The after the meeting drop bys to my office, the candid conversations, the hard to say but needed comments, the emails, along with the feedback left on the tables has been very good for me in terms of validation that I am not going crazy just yet, but more importantly that you guys want to and are willing to hunker down and get dirty in order to keep our team a solid, caring, formidable team. It is up to us and us alone to get ourselves back on track and to get focused on what's important.

I am going to answer the various questions and feedback I got in this section of the newsletter. I will do this each week until I get them all addressed. You guys know that I prefer talking face to face but since there were no names on some of these, I figure this is the best way...for now. Of course you KNOW, that my door is always open to only have to walk in. :)

I will start with 2nd grade's question because it actually did have a name on it!

Q...We are getting mixed messages about fun vs educational. Can we do fun things occasionally if they relate to TEKS we are doing?

A....First, sorry for the mixed message. The issue here is "crafts" or things that have no educational value. As long as what you are doing can be tied to your current TEKS that is being taught and as long as it is not taking away from other instructional times then yes. I am fine with the occasional "projects".

Q...or rather a statement....I need more verbal affirmations of my efforts.

A.....I will definitely pay more attention to that. It would be great if you would let me know who you are so I can better evaluate myself on this. This is an area where I thought I was doing well. The last thing I want is for any of you to feel insignificant. I value each of you and again, I would be lost without you guys. The effort you all put into your jobs is amazing and appreciated.

Q...What happens at Norris stays at Norris.

A...This is one I relate to as well. If I am understanding correctly, someone feels as though if we are struggling or not having a finer moment, that it is getting shared to friends on other campuses. The kicker is, at some time or another, we all have times we wish we had do overs. It is great when that is not shared.

Q...We want to know Mrs. Abney more personally. How about a morning check-in before 7:50 am for casual talking.

A....I am a fly under the radar servant leader. By that I mean, there are many things that I do that you guys don't know about because I just don't talk about it. No fault of yours or mine, just the way it is. I am outside at duty by 7:10 am every morning. I leave my office by 7:04 am to allow time for being stopped for questions. Yep, I actually plan for that. I'm different. I would love to come visit with you in the mornings. It isn't possible. On the other hand, if you get here early and want to pop outside to chat with me, I would love it!!! In the meantime, I will try to get innovative in ways to check in with you.

Q....Let teachers into the building by 6:30 am, 2 or 3 times a week.

A....I am all for that. Come by my office and you and I will make an agreement with each other to hold each other accountable to do this. Let's start with once a week to see how we do.

If I didn't hit your topic, then just wait....I will do 5 more next week. If you need a sooner answer or want to come by and talk, step out and do it. I would enjoy it so much.

Here is the Parent Newsletter for this week.