5th Grade ELA Updates

with Mrs. Drayton & Mrs. Jefferson

Dutch Fork Elementary The Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


Informational Reading

For the past two weeks we have worked on...

  • I can get my mind ready to read nonfiction texts.
  • I can think about how parts of the text go together to help me understand the whole piece.
  • I can determine main idea(s) of a text.
  • I can read to make meaning of complex texts by using what I know.
  • I can determine implicit main idea(s) of a text.
  • I can use context clues to make sense of unknown words.

You can help your reader by...

  • Asking what nonfiction books your child is reading at school. Have your reader share about the big ideas they have learned from their reading and smaller details that helped him or her understand the topic better.
  • Asking your reader how did he or she determine the main idea. What did they read to help him or her figure it out?
  • Asking your reader how he or she figured out which details were most important to understanding the main idea better.
  • Asking your reader how he or she uses nonfiction text features to make sense of the text.
  • Sharing and talking about the nonfiction texts you read: magazines, newspapers, online articles.

Informational Writing

For the past two weeks we have worked on...

  • I can take notes to build expertise on a topic of my choosing.
  • I can identify my purpose as a nonfiction writer.
  • I can make a plan for my nonfiction writing.
  • I can use text features to bring meaning to my writing.
  • I can use visual aids to bring meaning to my writing and support main ideas.

You can help your writer by...

  • Noticing which nonfiction texts you enjoy reading and why. What did the writer include that hooked you?
  • Reading nonfiction texts together and noticing text features: heading, subheadings, charts, pictures, etc. Talk about which of these features help you make the most sense of what you are reading and learning about.
  • Notice text features in our lives that help us make better sense of our world.