Juliana Rotich

By: Chloe Grower

Do you want to know who created a program, that gives you reports on crime reportings and, information? Juliana Rotich. Rotich made a discovery in science, to track criminals and their reports.


Juliana Rotich was born in Kenya, Africa in 1977 and, mostly did her schooling and most of her childhood life there. Rotich had a desire, a passion to help people. She later, moved to the United States. She has a degree in information technology and has graduated from the University of Missouri.

Her Career

Juliana Rotich has created web tools for obtaining crime info. She works for Ushahidi, a service that provides crime reportings and info. Ushahidi is used in Chile, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Haiti.

Science Related

Juliana has contributed to science because has she used technology, to provide crime reportings. People in Chile, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Haiti, can prepare if, the crime sighting is close by. She has made it safer for people.

Her Passion

Rotich didn’t think about what was wrong, she thought how to make the world better. Juliana, didn’t think about the negative. She wanted a safer town, a neighbor, a safer house. She was positive, not looking at the negative in her life but, the how to help Earth. Maybe there was a few or more things, that made her sad but, she would probably get over that, and be happy again, and work on problems related to Earth. She would probably not let that big or small moment, stop her. She would never give up.