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The American Girl Doll is a line of very unique dolls that were created in 1986 by Pleasant Company. Originally they illustrated girls of different ethnicities ranging from ages 8-11. The dolls were invented to give insight on the history of America through the eyes of these young girls. In 1998 The American Girl Dolls collection became under the control of Mattel who paid 700 million dollars.
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Supply Curve

This supply curves relates to one specific Girl of the Year Doll Kanini. Pleasant company created her in 2011. Kanini was a Girl of the Year Doll which means that only a specific amount was made. This graph represents the the little money people paid for Kanini when their was an abundance. As the amount of Kanini decreased, people were willing you to pay much more money for the limited supply of dolls.

Factors That Affect The Demand And Supply Growth

Price: In 1986 a Samantha doll retailed for $68, while today she is $115. The less supply of Samantha dolls there are, the demand increases. Today there is little Samantha dolls available.

Appearance: Marie-Grace, Cecile, Ruthie and Ivy: four of the 11 American Girl "historical character" dolls. These historical dolls were taken out causing the demand for them to get higher due to the lack of supply.

Book: 153 million books have been sold since 1986 contributing to the sales of the doll also. Many kids who buy the doll are desperate for the accessories that relate to that dolls, like the books.

Website: over 52 million people visit the American Girl Doll website each year, showing the popularity and demand for the doll.

Catalogue: make american girl dolls in demand over 29 million sold through catalog. Causing more demand

Store: 80 million people have visited the american girl doll stores causing demand to be much higher.

As the company produces Movies to go along with the dolls, the demand increases, and the company ends up supplying more of the dolls.


  • As the company continues to create more dolls, the price of the much older dolls as in the case of the originals will increase. This is because as products tend to be scarce with only a specific number left, the demand will be greater, and the companies will raise their price knowing that parents will buy the antiques for their children.

  • As more dolls are being made, the price will likely drop. This is because the company is supplying more dolls enabling people to buy them. As children start to recognize that almost everyone has that product, their want will decrease. The value of the dolls will not be as it was before now that the product is available to everyone.
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Addy Walker

In the winter of 1866, Addy’s poppa gets a new job. His employer, Mr. Radisson, even offers the Walker family a home of their own on the grounds of his fine house in Society Hill. Addy’s delight quickly evaporates as she realizes that Mr. Radisson’s house holds frightening secrets—one of which leads straight back to the plantation where Addy’s family was held in slavery only two years before. Girls will enjoy solving the mystery right along with Addy.

"Today, I'll keep my
family strongI've escaped to a new life. My whole world is
opening wide, but I'm learning that freedom
doesn't make everything easy. Through it all, family
is what keeps me going. Just the thought of us all
together gives me strength"