Traveling to Egypt

Kathy Cochran

Airfare costs and schedule

I am traveling from Denver to Frankfurt, Germany and then to Cairo, Egypt. My cost for two passengers is $3252.60. I'm flying on United Airlines and the cost for each passenger is $1626 each. I estimate that I will need $50 food, reading materials in airport for each person.

Overall total: $3302.60

Lodging- Cairo Marriott Hotel

From April 16-23rd I will stay at the Marriott. The hotel is rated 5 stars and if I travel all this way, I want to be sure that I'm staying in a comfortable and safe place. Location and wifi services were very important to me. I want to be connected to people at home via my computer. Also, I will depend on the touring services to provide recommended outtings and excursions.

My cost is $139 per night. had the best rate. I also looked at Expedia and they quoted prices $10 more.

While the hotel is large and bustling with people, the grounds are large and peaceful. The tower hotel provides views of the Nile and six gardens. The stunning Nile River runs smoothly nearby. Watch travelers enjoy relaxing cruises and calm waters. The huge rectangular outdoor pool is surrounded by lounge chairs. The perfect place to wind down after a busy touring day. Other amenities include a small workout room, several restaurants on the grounds and modern features in the hotel room like television and a private bathroom.

Breakfast: Omar's Cafe-a la carte items $10 per person

Lunch at the Marriott Bakery for sandwiches $20 person

Nile River Dinner Cruise $62 per person $124 total


Everyone who travels across the world to Egypt must make a trip to the Pyramids. I opted for a private tour of Giza Pyramids and Sphinx. I found this trip through the concierge. It was 3-4 hours long and transportation was included from the hotel

9am-12 noon $37 per person $74 total

Parasailing on the Red Coast will satisfy the adventurer in Egypt. Many crave the opportunity to feel the freedom of flying. The expedition over the water will bring the wind through your hair as the sun warms your skin.

Hot air balloon ride over the city of Luxor. Soar over the land and sea to explore the sites and culture from a different perspective. At sunrise or sundown the glowing sun warms the balloon ride and brings peace to the day. ( cost: $187 per person)

History and culture

Pyramids of Giza were built in 2600 b.c.

The creation of the Sphinx in 2550 b.c. in the 4th dynasty.

King Tut lived in 1330 b.c. and dies in 1324 b.c.

Reign of Rameses II in 1279 b.c.

death of Cleopatra and Marc Antony 30 b.c.

Egypt becomes a Roman province.

In ancient Egypt, both men and women wore make up. They made it by grounding up rocks like kohl. They would wear it around their eye and they believe it protected them from their gods. Also, women while inferior to men in ancient Egypt still had many rights. For example they could divorce and remarry, own and sell property. Most did not work outside the home but those that did were paid the same as men. (Andrews)

Presently, Egyptians were 90% Sunni Muslim and 6% Christian. Although the country is mostly Arabic speaking most in the travel industry are fluent English speakers. The dialectic in the media is Cairene Arabic. Many dialects between countries are common and make it difficult to communicate at times between borders.

Nation is independent and has its own Constitution in 1923

Problems anticipated/Solutions suggested

I predict TWO problems with traveling to Egypt: the first on is that there are safety concerns there. According to the Foreign Commonwealth in the United Kingdom, terrorism is a high risk in some parts of Egypt. Some South Korean tourists were recently killed in Egypt (WITHNALL). These attacks are not targeted at tourists but they can become involved in the outbreaks of violence. The political problems there have hurt the tourist industry. I would offer this solution; prior to traveling I would read as much as I could to become very informed about where the conflicts and concerns for safety are and I would create an itinerary that reflected higher safety. I might also higher a guard to escort my group during the excursions we take.

My 2nd concern would be that I don't speak the language and communication can put me at a disadvantage when trying to purchase food, services and souvenirs. I've heard that Egyptians like to barter and argue about prices and I would have a hard time doing this because I don't do that in the U.S. As a solution, I might predict what bigger purchases I'd like to make and investigate a fair price before I leave, or I might be sure I have google translate on my phone. Another solution would be to use the concierge at the hotel to suggest secure and fair businesses as restaurants. A concierge's job is to make suggestions to tourists to ensure a positive experience while in the city.

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While there are so many places to visit, my destination was Cairo, Egypt. Many flights were available, but most connected through Frankfurt, Germany. I decided to rely on public transportation. My hotel provided transfer from the airport and I just thought it was safer. My itinerary included a tour of the Pyramids. I opted to book a private tour because I wanted my sightseeing experience to include knowledgeable information. I will check in with the concierge when I arrive. They will know the best and safest companies to use. I enjoyed walking the city and shopping in the local markets. Every tourist wants to experience the culture as much as she can. While the city seems well developed the markets feel very old fashioned and rely on local buyers and sellers. There were a few large mall but the old markets appealed to me the most. I liked walking the alleys and finding new treasures around each corner. The businesses bartered and changed prices a lot which was confusing.

About the traveler

Mrs. Cochran never traveled as a child. She grew up in Ohio and only drove to local destinations throughout the state. After graduating college and marrying, she moved to Florida, then to Texas, then to California and now resides in Colorado. She prefers visiting places she's never been to rather than returning to favorite places. She's created a "bucket list" of places to visit in her life. Egypt is on that list.