Hindu Music

By Emily Degler


Music or Sangeet is believed to have come from the Gandharvas or heavenly singers. The first person to hear Sangeet was the ancient sage Narada. The music is considered to be a celestial art.

Ravi Shankar

From the very begining music was used as a tool to reach spirituality. Ravi Shankar was an acomplished Indian musician and says that music is composed of three main disciplines. The Guru, when you teach others, Vinaya, humility and Sadhana, regular discipline and practice.


The most famous musician ever was Tansen. He lived towards the end of the 15th century. He was said to have preformed miracles just through his singing.


Music is composed by two main elements; raga, the melodic scale and tala, the rythm. They are combined in different ways to envoke the correct mood. Bharata Muni created the nava-rasa, which is the nine principle moods.


A Hymn, usually telling a story, as a form of devotion. It is sung by one person and is very lyrical.
Krishna Bhajan (O Palan Hare)


A Kirtan is more of a chant rather than a song. The leader sing a short melody with a few words and a crowd of people repeats the melody. This is a group song, making it more o a celebration rather than a form of devotion.
Hindu Kirtan in Russia-World Coming to Hinduism

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